People riding South Korean subways are accustomed to seeing the priority seats reserved for seniors, children, pregnant women, and the disabled. However, a rider recently read the small print and noticed that even women wearing high heels are also allowed to use the priority seats.

When the above photo was posted online, the reaction was negative in general. Although it can be painful to wear high heels, especially after a long day, it doesn't seem to match the intent of the priority seats. Furthermore, it's been observed that a high percentage of South Korean women wear high heels. What's a man to do? Always give up his seat? A netizen commented that maybe men wearing high heels should be allowed priority seating too, to be fair and to avoid a battle of the sexes.

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The priority seats are seats specifically designated for senior citizens, young children, pregnant women, and the disabled or injured. South Korean riders in general do not sit in those seats. Many riders will also courteously give up their seats when they see someone from aforementioned categories not having a seat in a crowded train.

What do you think? Do you think it's fair to include high-heeled women in the priority seating categories? Comment below.