Alright, so you know that K-pop songs are not only lovely to listen to, but they can also be the most addictive and most awesome songs on the planet! However, for some songs in particular... it is always just that one line... that one line that seems to always get stuck in your head, and end up becoming one with your vocabulary, despite it not making ANY sense at all. So, here are what I think are the 10 most catchiest Engrish (Korean+English) K-pop lines of all time!

1. SHINee's Lucifer:

Loverholic, Robotronic, Loverholic, Robotronic

All of you have to admit, that bit was catchy but...what the hell does it mean? And, to top it off, are they even ACTUAL WORDS?! Look them up and let me know please~~

2. EXO's MAMA:

Careless, careless. Shoot anonymous, anonymous.
Heartless, mindless. No one. Who care about me?

Alright come on, what is this mambo-jumbo??! And truthfully, I think NO ONE can ever forget this line. But, what I always think when I hear this song was "what the hell was Kris doing at this time?" I mean, he's from Canada; surely, he should have realised that the English (or should I say Engrish) of this song is TO-TA-LLY weird...Seriously SM, you are in need of some seriously better English translators!

3. B.A.P's Hurricane:

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on fire! Or, as many would know it as:

The Loof, The Loof, The Loof is on Fiyah!

I know, I know, I am probably asking for a death wish by adding this on the list but seriously, who can take that line seriously after listening to it? And worst of all, you would want to imitate and copy the EXACT way YimChan sings that line hehe :3

4. Girls Generation's Gee:

Gee, gee, gee, gee,

baby, baby, baby

Anyone that ever mentions this song, always has to have someone following afterwards with these lines, guaranteed! Too catchy to explain, but on the other hand, who the hell says that on a day-to-day basis (apart from singing it of course)

5. B1A4's Beautiful Target:

Oh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom heart like a rocket

Oh dear, what is this?? It would have been alright if it was once or twice, but this line is sung THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRETY OF THE SONG! Oh oppa, waegurae?? Worst thing is, the song is actually not bad (until those parts anyway >__<)

6. ZE:A's Mazeltov

Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Ah huh, the lyrics go exactly like that. Thanks ZE:A, for reteaching us the different types of girls in the world, and the days of the week...yep.

7. KARA's Pretty Girl:

If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty

Ahhh such a classic! I remember back then I could not stop singing this song (or at least this line) I think there was even a period in my life where whenever I was applying masacara,I would ALWAYS sing that line...annoyed my mum to bits!

8. T-ARA's Yayaya:

The entire song...nah just joking...half the song

K-pop is famous for their randomness and ability to invent new words. T-ara does it all with this song and at the same time, make it SO catchy that many would just skim over the fact that it make absolutely no sense whatsoever!

9. B1A4's Baby I'm sorry:

Baby I'm sorry, we got the better


Baby in a city light

In in in a city love light

Likewise with whoever is writing SM Entertainment's songs, the people at WM Entertainment should also be murdered...I mean, "we got the better"? My poor oppas...*double sigh*

10. Super Junior's Sexy, Free and Single

Sexy Free and Single I'm ready to bingo

Yep, it's how you see it. And don't misunderstand it either! And, on top that dance move...HAHA no wonder people misunderstand those lyrics...or do they mean something different? *shifty eyes* SO CATCHY!!!

So, here is the top 10 but seriously, there are BILLIONS out there, waiting for you to discover them. Some honourable mentions include: Boyfriend's "Janus" (Batgirl...tehe), B2ST's "Bad Girl" and KARA's "If you wanna" (Jeez, did you see that entire English rap...yep, we can't forget that!)

Hope you all enjoyed that! While you're at it, comment below and let me know which Engrish lines you remember! See ya~~

Yami Hyunnie is a young blogger who is overly obsessed with Asian Pop Culture, and likes to share this with other fellow netizens on her blogsite Asia Reviewer Maniac. Likewise, she loves to share her undying passion for dramas, K-pop and animes on DramaFever.