dalshabet Girl group Dal Shabet’s title song from their new mini-album Be Ambitious had to be changed because it didn’t pass SBS’s broadcasting regulations. The song that SBS is concerned with is "내 다리를 봐" -- which literally means “look at my legs” in Korean. However, MBC and KBS accepted the song as it was originally written.

The lines that SBS disapproved were: “When are you going to make the progress?”; “You go home even when I’m drunk”; “Are you really a guy? Are you shy?”

These parts had to be replaced, respectively, with more indirect expressions: “Do you find me cute?”; “Why do you keep looking at the time?”; “Look at me, do you like me?” We're not so sure the original lyrics were that offensive; what do you think?

The new album will be released on June 20th.