From cooking tutorials to condoms, K-pop group BTS (Bangtan Boys) seems to have it all covered. Check out the photo below and look closely behind Jin on the left. As Jin was innocently and cutely creating a little cooking tutorial in the group dorm, behind him was a not-so-cute and little condom!

(Photo Credit: Dkpopnews)

That's right! Fans with eyesight like hawks spotted a "King-Size" condom laying on the floor behind Jin and went nuts on social media. Fans were demanding answers as to why the guys would have condoms in the first place, and Big Hit Entertainment released this simple statement to put everyone's minds at ease: "It is right that the photo is a condom. It has been included in the gifts they have received from fans." 

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Now we all know some fans are over-emotional and send weird, sometimes scary, and inappropriate items to their favorite groups; so this is more than likely true. But regardless of it being true or not, fans need to stop freaking out. You can't really believe BTS or any other group...girl groups included, are living a life of abstinence. Not everyone is K-poppin' along with nun status like Go Mi Nam...

Do you believe fans have a right to question and be upset about a condom laying around in a group's dorm room or not? Let's talk about it!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE