Chinese and Korean netizens have once again set sail on the "overreaction boat," and this time it's all because Lee Min Ho took one moment out of his busy schedule to visit a casino.

Lee Min Ho was in New Zealand when he stopped by a legally established casino adjoined to both a cafe and shopping mall. Alongside staff members, and out in the open for everyone to see, he had a little fun at one of the game tables and, according to his agency, gambled with the amount of money equal to "the price of a beverage." However, Chinese netizens posted photos online along with captions that he was gambling, which in turn had other netizens looking at the Heirs star all side-eyed and in a bad light, which has now led to the "Lee Min Ho Gambling Scandal."

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Gambling isn't really seen as a positive activity to many people for cultural and religious reasons, and that's fine. However, it's not like Lee Min Ho was dropping thousands and spending hours at the table acting like a high roller. As usual, netizens have turned a celebrity's moment of fun and relaxation into pure and utter nonsense.

What do you think about Lee Min Ho's activities? Are you "Team Netizen" or "Team Stop Reaching for Stories and Find a Productive Hobby Please" in this so-called scandal?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE