cruelpalace A breastfeeding scene in Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers is causing quite a commotion between the viewers and the production team. What shocked viewers was that a part of the breast of the actress was shown in the process and it was aired without any censorship. Netizens commented that the scene was too provocative for television. In response, an associate of Cruel Palace told a news agency that the intent of the scene was not to evoke sexuality but instead, to truthfully portray the situation. The representative explained that they wanted to show heightened maternal love while the character Song Sun Mee breastfeeds her baby for the last time before they part ways: "When this baby grows up, it will hold a very important role in the drama. It was crucial to the story that we show not only the mother but also the part where her tears fell on the baby's cheeks. The production crew is aware of viewer reactions and if the majority of the viewers think that it is too sexual, then we will adjust the scenes." The first episode (which contains the controversial scene) of Cruel Palace was aired on the 23rd and the series will have 50 episodes total. Do you agree with netizens when they say the scene is too risque? (Source: