Hello everyone and welcome to the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club! This drama definitely did not disappoint and we were gifted with three opening episodes this week. We got introductions to different princes and the drama started off with a bang! Join Tiara, Logan and I as we discuss the first week of episodes of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.

Tiara: A big introduction with Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Not just two episodes, but we got three of them this week. I can’t say I was disappointed in the choice to give me three episodes. However, we’ve got lots of characters and princes to remember. What did you ladies think of the introduction?

Logan: I thought it was a fantastic way to introduce us to the series. Usually it’s after the second episode of a good series that I have the hardest time waiting to find out what happened. Scarlet Heart took care of that problem for me with a third episode right away and I have to say I’m really liking what I’ve seen so far.

June: This drama did not disappoint me at all. I love the storyline already and I was so glad that we were able to get three episodes this week. We got to learn a lot about our characters and I'm so interested in seeing where this drama goes. I haven't seen the original but I might have to after this one ends. I am also loving this drama a lot! Can I just say that the costumes are so amazing.

Tiara: The drama sure is pretty. It’s epic and you can tell the benefits of pre-production. One of the things I’ve like about the story of Scarlet Heart is how the time travelling was portay. Our heroine is transported back in time into an already establish person who’s live in the time period. It definitely makes it easy for our lead to slid into this new persona’s life. She’s not having to make up a new identity and be boggled down seeing those difficulties. Instead, we’re able to jump right into the fish out of water part of the story. I like this type of time travelling if you’re not travelling with the Doctor. Plus, that’s the best time travel portal I’ve ever seen.

Logan: It is a pretty awesome time portal. I mean, showing up in the middle of a bunch of bathing princes. I know more than a few people who wish they could trade places with Ha Jin. Although she doesn’t seem to share our feelings after facing the realities of what living someone else’s life in another time is like now that she’s become Hae Soo. I do like the twist of having her take over someone else’s life that was already part of the time period but it also brings in new complications for her in that everyone remembers her but she doesn’t remember them. Specifically when it comes to a certain 6th cousin and certain 8th Prince whose relationships seem to be getting a little too complicated.

June: I liked that twist as well because it is a different way to tell a story. Though I do wonder what Hae Soo was like before. Waking up to being in another time period and in the bathing area for royalty is definitely one way to end up in a new time period!

Tiara: Don’t we all wish we were as lucky as her. Hae Soo before the accident is pretty different than Ha Jin as her which is understandable. However if Ha Jin is Hae Soo, does this mean Hae Soo is in Ha Jin’s body? I wonder if the homeless dude from the first episode is the 1000 year old astronomer because the one in the Goryeo dynasty is building things from modern times. Not to mention, he seems to know some history. You’re right about relationships becoming complicated. Hae Soo’s cousin and 8th prince is just one of the many relationships that are getting complexed. 10th Prince has a crush, 4th prince is a bully, and the princess is just a wannabe mean girl.

Logan: I was wondering that about her appearance as well, Tiara. Not only if she’s in Hae Soo’s body, which I think it seems like she is, but also if she appears the same to everyone else as she did back in her time. I’m going to assume so, because having the same face is a common Kdrama trend. It would also seem like the astronomer intentionally brought Hae Soo to this time. Hopefully so, because that means she’ll serve a bigger purpose. It’s hard to watch Hae Soo with the 8th Prince, Wang Wook, because they have obvious chemistry but he’s married and to her cousin no less. It’s not really a romance I feel comfortable rooting for. The other princes, however, they’re fair play.

June: I agree! I feel like the astronomer definitely brought her back to serve a purpose, well at least I hope so! Also, this romance stuff is going to make things super complicated! The 8th prince and Hae Soo definitely have chemistry but he's married to her cousin, but then the other prince likes the cousin as well. These historical time periods sure are complicated!

Tiara: Let’s get super uncomfortable for just a moment. The cousin, 8th Prince and Hae Soo, for me, isn’t as uncomfortable as Princess Yeohwa and Wang So, 4th Prince. In history, these half-siblings actually get married with kids. Yuck - I mean they’re not evening kissing cousins. Those two are pressing my uncomfortable button. I find it endearing Hae Soo makes 8th Prince laugh and smile. It can’t be easy being a prince of the King and have everyone tell you their burdens. I can understand her heart is wavering. Mind’s doing to same, but I’ve got a sweet spot for the bad boy 4th prince. He’s just misunderstood.

Logan: What? Ewww….so I wasn’t just imagining some incestual overtones then? That’s why I don’t mind when historical shows alter the facts a little for the sake of entertainment. I mean, incest isn’t a huge hit with most people. Also the relationship between the Queen and the 3rd prince, Wang Yo, was a bit creepy as well. I’m also finding my heart drawn to the bad boy prince. As soon as I saw his face and how insecure he was when Hae Soo saw his scar, I was won over. Only made worse when he realized that the King cared more about the Crown Prince than him. It’s heartbreaking, really? His mom tried to kill him, his brothers either hate or are scared of him, and no one seems to actually be on his side except for maybe the Crown Prince.

June: Right! I mean these princes are all brothers and the princess is the 8th prince’s sister so yeah they have to be related somehow. I really shudder at that thought. I do wonder how they will work their way around that in this drama. Yeah I feel super bad for the 4th prince. I really want to know why they sent him away and who are those people. He kept mentioning how he was like a hostage. I need to know more!!

Tiara: I’m on 4th Prince side, not that it matters. Logan, you’re right about heartbreaking. His own mother attempt to use him to stop the King from another marriage. In the process, he was scared and abandoned by his family. The moment Hae Soo saw his scar and he covered it right away, I just wanted to hug So. He really just needs a good hug and someone to love and care for him. (Pick me, Choose Me. I’m volunteer to love him.) I’m glad the Crown Prince had concern for him because maybe there is hope. His attitude towards everyone is his way of protecting himself. You can see him trying to keep the wall up in front of his mother, but he’s still that little boy waiting for his mother’s love. I get the feeling that hair pin will be Hae Soo gateway into gaining a piece of 4th Prince’s torn heart.

Logan: Ugh, that mother! What kind of person treats two of her sons like princes and one like a piece of trash? It hurts me to see Wang So vie for her love, but at the same time I kind of want to smack some sense into him. Why would you want the love of a woman like that? But I get it. She’s his mom. She may be an awful create of hell, but she’s still his mom. For this reason, I can’t wait for a romance to blossom between him and Hae Soo, assuming it will. He seems to be the lead, but there are so many eligible princes and stranger things have happened. It seems like the 10th Prince, Wang Gun, already seems to have developed a thing for Hae Soo as well. Their fight scene was one of the best scenes I think I’ve ever seen. I was laughing through the entire thing. It was just great!

June: I do not like that mother at all! She's evil and probably manipulative as well. Also the 3rd prince is right on the same track as her. The fight scene between the Wang Eun and Hae Soo was golden! It was refreshing to see her still stand up to the prince and not let him get away with what he was doing! It's also at the top of my list when she told off the princess as well. I don't like seeing characters letting other people step all over them so I hope Hae Soo still stays that way even if it is a little bit.

Tiara: I’ve seen the posters which means 4th Prince and Hae Soo will be together at some point. She’s got to enjoy her second lead before that relationship is broken. As for our little 10th Prince, he only thinks he’s in love because of his brothers. They put it into his mind, Hae Soo, likes him because she went all ajumma on his butt. Nothing will come to the puppy’s crush because her heart isn’t wavering for him.

Logan: You’re probably right, Tiara, it seems inevitable that they will be together but I still like to pretend that anything could happen. Lol. And I don’t imagine the 10th Prince’s crush will turn into anything other than him following her around and pestering her but I think he will provide some nice comic relief. In other circumstances, I would think the two look cute together. I think it’ll be fun to take a look at the relationships she develops with each prince and how they differ from each other.

June: I agree! I can't wait to see the whole dynamic between Hae Soo and all the princes! I would love to see how each one of them are. I like how we got to see some of them in their free time in the marketplace but I want more! Haha

Tiara: It’s one of the things I loved about the original story of Scarlet Heart. The heroine’s relationship with all the princes’ were my favorite part and is a highlight of the drama. I’m hoping this version is able to capture the same. However, this version is really a mixture of a little bit Scarlet Heart and Outlander. Our Queen Mother and her 3rd son as KDrama villains is annoying me. In the original source there were no outright villains. IMO this adaption is fine, but it’s missing some of the heart and elements of the original material.

Logan: I haven’t seen the original, but I was a little disheartened that the 3rd prince turned out to be so evil because I really thought I was going to like him. I’ve loved Hong Jong Hyun in everything I’ve seen him in, he just has such a charismatic face, but he just repulses me in this drama. The 14th Prince seems naive to his mother and brother’s conniving, but even so it’s hard to watch him get the affection that Wang So so desperately wants from his mother. Still, I love Jisoo as an actor so much that I’m hoping the 14th Prince takes Wang So’s side in the end.

June: I also haven't seen the original but I plan to after this one is done! Yeah I was hoping that at least the princes wouldn't be evil or anything but I was wrong. I mean I should have seen this coming because this is a k-drama after all!

Tiara: I love being able to see the relationships between the Princes. Again a great part of the adaption, however I’m with you Logan on waiting for So not to be so alone. He needs a BFF and I’m looking at you 13th Prince (for those whose seen the original). I’m hoping the drama doesn’t keep So as the lone wolf. I really want to see him be able to embrace a family and love before all hell breaks loose.

Logan: I could see the 13th Prince, Baek Ah, and Wang So becoming good friends in this adaptation too. Baek Ah seems like someone who would get along with anyone and that’s exactly the type of ally that Wang So needs. It’s also interesting that Baek Ah seems to be in love with the 8th prince’s wife. The 8th prince doesn’t seem like someone who would do that to his brother, so I’m wondering if he just didn’t know or what happened there. Either way, there definitely is fuel for a whole lot of drama in this drama. Haha.

June: Honestly, I don't know if it's because I love Nam Joo Hyuk or Baek Ah is just amazing because right now he's kind of my favorite prince. Lol! It might be because of Joo Hyuk. But yeah it'll be interesting to see what complications happen because Baek Ah likes his brother’s wife. I feel like we are going to have some love squares all around!

Tiara: 8th Prince probably didn’t have a say in the marriage is my guess. He’s a prince who must follow his father, the King’s decree. It’s a political marriage to help strengthen the King’s throne. We’ve seen the King take on more wives for his throne. 13th Prince may have feelings for Lady Hae, but he’s not going to act on them. I get the feeling he’ll work out his issues with a drinking buddy, Hae Soo. I’m on edge of my seat to see if Hae Soo can drink Baek Ah under the table.

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