Welcome to this week's edition of the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo drama club.  We were left with only one episode this week, but there was more than enough emotion packed into Episode 16 to cause myself as well as countless other Scarlet Heart fans around the world to sit sobbing in front of their scenes as the action played out.  Join June, Tiara, and me (Logan) as we talk death, betrayals, and the faint hope of a happy future.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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June: OH MY GOD! WHY DON’T YOU JUST RIP MY HEART INTO A MILLION TINY PIECES SCARLET HEART. I cried, omg I reallllly cried when Soon Deok and Eun were killed and they talked about how they had to basically sneak around to bury their bodies. I want Yo gone and I want him gone now. Eun and Soon Deok were innocent and had to die because of greed makes my blood boil so much.

Logan: I went into this episode expecting it to be emotionally devastating and I was not let down. It was even worse than I could have imagined. The way So, Jung, Soo and the General all processed their grief differently made it more real and made it harder to handle. Even Wook showed a little emotional under that cold facade he’s been trying to build. They couldn’t have picked a crueler character to kill in my opinion. I lost it the most when Soo was remembering all the sweet and innocent moments she had with him.

Tiara: I was hoping Eun and Soon Deok wouldn’t be dead after the comment Yo made in the last episode. Thanks for the miss direct drama. A surprising adaptation choice to be sure and it motivates our characters going into the finale part of the drama. Yet it proves Soo’s visions aren’t what they seem. Makes me wonder about the first vision and the real content behind of it.

June: Same! From the moment they met and his birthday, I was so devastated. I knew it was coming but it didn’t help ease the pain at all. I’m just like where does this go from here. I think we have about 4 episodes left and I’m just really scared on what’s about to happen. I feel like Wook has been in the background for a while now and I know he’s just waiting to make his move. Ugh I just want our two main leads to have a happy ending!

Logan: I thought that there was nothing left that Scarlet Heart could do that would shock me or make me cry harder than I had been, but I was wrong. So I want to say the same about the last four episodes, but I know I’ll be wrong about that too. I think if there is a happy ending, I’ll be too shocked to believe it’s true. I’ll still be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Did you notice that they had a THIRD time jump. Another two year one? How long has Soo been in the Goryeo period? It’s got to be at least 5 or 6 years at this point, right?

Tiara: I’m not seeing a happily ever after ending. There’s no way this drama is going to end with Soo and So riding off in the sunset. It’s going to be a bittersweet ending. We still have to deal with Yeon Hwa marry So and how this will affect our main couple. She’s bent on Soo’s destruction which is probably the reason history doesn’t remember her name. Ha Jin in present day was in her early 20s, but Soo is around 16 years of age. It’s been about 9 years she’s been in Goryeo.

June: Yeah it’s been a while now that she’s been there. Sometimes I have to remember that she and Ji Mong are from the future. I am seriously so curious on how this is all going to end. I know some people are already trying to figure out if there would be a second season, but I personally don’t think they would do one. But onto other point, we still need to see how Yeon Hwa and Wook plan on getting to the throne, especially if it looks like So is next to be on there.

Logan: Yeah, the whole ‘from the future’ element has played a lot smaller role in this drama than you would expect. Unfortunately, there are so few dramas that get second seasons and they’re never the ones you expect. I have a hard time imagining a tidy ending to this drama simply for the fact that I feel like there are too many characters for the story to be tied up in a 20 episode drama, unless they start dying off each episode which, based on the last few episodes, is a distinct possibility.

Tiara: I wouldn’t be opposed to an open ending if we knew a season 2 would be a go ahead. With the lack of views, I’m not seeing a season 2. I’m worried about what Jung will plan to do when So takes over the throne. We know he has been given something *cough* Soo’s hand in marriage *cough* He had such a dislike toward his brother. I’m worried Jung will force So’s hand.

June: Yeah I don’t see a tidy ending for it at all! I just hope it’s not too rushed and I agree I wouldn’t doubt that we have people dying left and right in the next few episodes because it seems like that is what is going to start happening. Ugh justice for Eun and Soon Deok though. I hope her dad gets revenge for her or something. I’m still torn over that and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it!

Logan: Eun and Soon Deok, forever in our hearts! Lol. At least they had a chance to love each other before they met their demise, though. Speaking of having a chance to love each other - I was so frustrated to see yet another delay in Soo and So’s romance. But their devotion was clear in that their affections haven’t changed in all this time. After all this dramatic build-up I was surprised at how ineffective So was at hiding his true feelings from Soo and that they actually “got together” right after being separated for two years...if you know what I mean.

Tiara: Eun finally got the chance to be a true husband towards Soon Deok. I’m glad they got their chance together before their fates with death. So lying towards Soo about his feelings changing was frustrating. It defeats the whole purpose of “secrets no lies” they agreed on from the last episode. However, I like the turn of this relationship with Soo being the one waiting for So.

June: Yeah at first I was like are you kidding me?! Are they really going to tear them apart again?! But then they got together again towards the end. Man this ship has definitely had its ups and downs. I fear there will be some more to come with So now wanting and getting the King’s throne by the look of the preview for next week. I want to see how Soo’s scar will affect her being So if he is king.

Logan: I hope it won’t. So has made it clear there’s a lot he wants to change if he becomes king. Let’s hope that’s one of them. One thing I’m really interested to see next week is what Jung asked the king for. I have a pretty good idea. It’s likely something to do with Soo and I’m wondering if he asked his brother for permission to marry her. If so, that’s kind of insane because while two of his older brothers promised that they would do that for Soo, neither of them were able to keep their promise (yet). That kind of goes to show how steadfast his devotion to her is. I know his anger towards So makes him a point of contention for some people, but he’s never ever betrayed Soo.

June: That would be pretty crazy but that’s what my first thoughts were during that scene and I could totally see him doing something like that. One thing I wonder is if they’ll ever reveal how Chae Ryung helped kill Moo. It was just something that was still in the back of my mind. I’m like I know this is going to come back somehow.

Tiara: Jung has feelings for Soo, but he hasn’t confirmed her feelings towards him. She clearly told him she doesn’t want to marry and plans to travel when she leaves. I’m just hoping he accepts Soo’s refusal to not marry him or give her heart if this is the decree Yo will give to his baby brother. Jung may have become a General, but he hasn’t grown out of his childish ways. Not to mention, I hate his tone towards So by calling him a murderer when he knows Eun asked his brother for the gift of death. His character’s disgusted toward Woo Hee being a gisaeng as well is my last straw. I don’t know how Woo Hee and Baek Ah think he’s adorable because I find his behavior and thinking revolting.

Logan: Another possibility is that Jung only asked Yo to let Soo leave the palace. He’s got his own familial issues to deal with after all. I was curious about Chae Ryung. Soo must not have found out about her, because there’s no way they would still be friends. And how can Chae Ryung live with herself and act like nothing happened? She is not as good of a friend as she’s acting like she is.

June: Exactly! Well I guess time will tell with what will really happen. All I can say is that it has me slightly worried.

Tiara: Chae Ryung is going to be caught. She maybe loyal to Soo to a point, but there’s got to be another reason why she turned her back on Soo. It’s only a matter of time. We’ve got 4 more episodes to go with a throne to change hands and alliances to keep said throne. What will happening to our rocky couple once So has the throne? Will it bring them closer or break them forever?

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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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