Welcome back Time Travelers to the first Anti-8th Prince meeting. There is much on the discussion list for today. Wook makes promises to Soo, So makes a noble sacrifice, lots of nefarious plotting from Evil Queen and Yeon Hwa, Soo is arrested, Lady Oh to the rescue, and one relationship breaks while another begins to weave unbreakable ties. Don’t forget to grab a box of tissues and some chocolate as June, Logan, and I, Tiara, get this meeting started.

June: WOW WAY TO BREAK MY HEART DRAMA!!! This week definitely turned up the drama and my emotions were all over the place! I got angry and most of all I basically cried a river. So many things happening and a lot of characters were getting some development! Can I just start by saying that Lady Oh deserved so much more! Her relationship with Hae Soo was so awesome and now she’s gone. This is another person Hae Soo has lost! I cried so much when Hae Soo was like we can still go to your hometown. I was like you should have went when you had the chance!! ;~;

Tiara: Lady Oh is Soo’s true savior this week. I don’t think you can watch her give up her life for Soo without tears in your eyes. It’s a shame Lady Oh and Soo will never get to leave the palace together, but she got to do the one thing none of the princes could do, she saved a life. She couldn’t save her own child from the darkness of the palace life, but she could save this one. However, I’m a tad annoyed with King Taejo. I understand his reasons for marrying all these women to keep control of the land, but the dude needs to work on controlling his wives from going all mean girls with one another. If anything, he has to shoulder the blame for Lady Oh’s death.

Logan: I straight up had to pause the drama a few times because I was crying so hard that I couldn’t read the subtitles. It was so devastating. The beautiful thing about Lady Oh’s sacrifice is that she stepped to accomplish what the princes failed to do. We’re so used to the trope of the knight on the white horse, but this drama has shown us a heroine who saved herself from being the king’s bride and a mother-like figure who sacrificed herself to save her daughter. These are the kinds of things I like to see in a drama. What a great example this sets for young girls. I’m not a fan of King Taejo. He may not be outright malicious, but he’s evil nonetheless. Passivity and using a “cause” to allow evil acts to occur makes you culpable in my opinion.

Tiara: I totally agree Logan. There’s something about King Taejo I couldn’t put my finger on why I just disliked him so much and you pretty much nailed it. Queen Sinmyeongsunseong continuous to tell So her evil plans to get rid of the crown prince, and yet everyone in the palace knows who really poison the Crown Prince. However, no one will say it out loud. I still don’t understand why So’s mother tells him anything, but I also don’t understand why he can’t come forth and put an end to her evilness. The King isn’t going to do it, but maybe after Soo’s life being on the line he will finally let go of his mommy issues and bring the evil witch down.

June: That Queen needs to meet her demise already. I can’t stand watching her on my screen, along with the 3rd prince and Yeon Hwa. I understand she did what she did for Wook but damn way to screw up stuff Yeon Hwa. I knew she was going to interfere some way or another. Speaking of Wook, it’s only the dark side from here on out. I mean I understand he was always going to choose his family over love because he wouldn’t stand seeing his family die over this. I can already see the fight for the throne getting super intense.

Logan: I like to just pretend the queen doesn’t exist because she’s so awful. I was really hoping for Yeon Hwa’s sake that she’d choose to become good but yeah, she pretty much ruined Wook’s life. Although we kind of already knew the capacity for evil was in there somewhere. After all, he didn’t really seem that upset about killing that Court Lady. His jealousy and his greed are starting to turn him into something ugly. I really don’t want to see Hae Soo hurt any further by him but I think we’ve only just scratched the surface. She’s hinted that she does have some feelings for So and I hope it doesn’t take her too long to realize they’d be good together.

Tiara: When Wook told Yeon Hwa, “You are no longer my sweet sister,” when was she ever this sweet sister? From the first moment she was on screen, she’s always come across as just down right wicked. I really don’t understand her character. She spent episode 10 working with our evil Queen for her own selfish reasons to forcing Wook to give up on Soo. Does she want to be Queen or does she want her brother to be King? Some clarification would be fantastic. Wook got served by Lady Oh. He will one day regret his cowardly actions. Those are not empty promises but truth.

June: Yeah I’m trying to figure out what her main goal is. Like if her brother is King, she’s not going to be Queen. I have a feeling she’s going to either pair up with the Queen and 3rd prince or go behind their backs to bring them down. I loved what Lady Oh said to Wook and it so far is so true! I’m interested in the episodes next week and how Hae Soo and So’s relationship will continue to grow. I will say, I was disappointed when So said he wasn’t going to apologize for forcefully kissing her. I was like that’s not cool So!

Logan: Well according to Yeon Hwa she wants to be a god, whatever that means. I think she’s all talk and no substance. I’m just as much of a fan of what Lady Oh said to Wook as you, June. When she called him out for being a coward, I couldn’t help but cheer her on. She said exactly what I wanted to yell at him through the screen. Baek Ah and Jung, although they didn’t actually accomplish anything, showed their loyalty to Hae Soo even more than Wook did. They were going crazy trying to figure out how to save her and in the end took her side by kneeling with her, even though they knew it could infuriate the king. I was so proud of them.

Tiara: Baek Ah and Jung kneeling and the Crown Prince standing in the rain just shows the affection these princes have for Soo. She’s become a friend and/or little sister. They may not be able to save her in front of the King, but they can kneel/stand in the rain with her. Yet the moment Soo was waiting for, Wook finally coming to save her and instead gives her his back while So shields her from the rain. A powerful moment without any words and a honesty good way to finally separate Soo’s feelings for Wook.

June: I agree! The scene with So covering Soo from the rain was a great transition! Watching Wook walk away was so hard and my heart was breaking for Soo, especially when she questioned Why. I will say I am ready for the Soo-So ship to sail! Also I was so proud of Baek Ah, Jung and the Crown Prince. Honestly, Jung has been making me proud a lot! He’s constantly on Soo’s side and has her back.

Logan: That was such a beautiful scene. It was so hard to watch after that as they were leading Soo to the gallows and she still expected Wook to come. I’m glad that So showed up at that very moment to show a contrast for true love looks like. In a short time span, Wang So has done a lot to show his affection. He drank 3 cups of poison for her, after all. But sometimes it does feel like Jung is the only one who’s thinking about Hae Soo’s well being. So can be a little reckless.

Tiara: The Soo-So ship has leisurely been sailing, but I’m ready to take this ship out to the ocean. So is slowly working on his wooing this week. Drinking poison for Soo was way more of a romantic gesture to help me forgive that force kissed. Soo spent most of the time waiting for Wook to come for her, but it was So who was always there for her.

June: So is most definitely reckless and I’m worried what will happen in the future. I am super excited for next week by judging the preview!! I want more development between Soo and So! I think we might even get another kiss, though I’m praying she gives him consent!!

Tiara: I wouldn’t mind if So and Soo get married sooner rather than later. It would be a big difference from the original material and I think would be a better adaptation choice. Considering we know Yeon Hwa will become Queen and wife to So, it would be interesting to know why Soo’s name was never marked in history. Did Lady Oh foreshadow Soo’s fate with her comment to the Queen - “If one person remembers me, that is enough for me.” Will So be the one to remember his wife? I’m surprised Eun wasn’t around for Soo’s imprisonment. Either he’s still holding a grudge against her and if that is the case he needs to grow up. Does he not realize Soo almost lost her life?

Logan: I’d love to see a dozen more kisses between them. Haha. Do you know who was strangely missing during Hae Soo’s troubles during episode 11-the 10th prince? We last saw him get mad at her and storm away because he’s still in love with her but we didn’t seem him at all this last episode? Does he even know about it? Even being upset I can’t imagine him being okay with it.

June: Oh I know! He would probably flip a lid if he was there! I do wonder if we'll still see him considering he’s now married and what not. I can’t stand the other prince that was also on cahoots with the Evil Queen. He has been useless so far and now he’s the worst! I want all these evil people to get taken down soon!!

Logan: Yeah, that I didn’t get. Won isn’t even her son, what does he get out of being on her evil side? It’s like Yo’s been out of the picture for a couple episodes so some of the other princes are trying to play their hand at being evil. I’m almost wishing So would just go ahead and kill them all except for Eun, Jung, and Baek Ah.

Tiara: Our Evil Queen just wants any help she can get to bring down the Crown Prince and raise her son Yo to the throne. She didn’t mind who she’s working with because she’s untouchable to be punished for anything she does directly or indirectly. Once she has what she wants, she will throw them away or kill them is how I see things. At this point, I’m with you Logan. I don’t think it would be so bad to have So kill most of his brothers.

June: I agree and Wook just for right now! Lol I’m really starting to wonder if he will end up killing his brothers or not! I’m so curious on what will lead up to that! I’m just like what if it ends up being Wook and not So!

I found it interesting Soo’s present day self, Ha Jin, was betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend. She’s once again betrayed when Wook turns his back on her. Let’s not forget Soo’s mother figures continue to die. Soo’s cousin was sad, but Lady Oh’s sacrifice is like a gut punch to the stomach. With all these horrible things happening one after another, I hope this doesn’t break her spirit. If it has maybe So can help smooth her wounds and bring back her smile and laughter.

We’re just past the halfway point and the drama is finally hitting those emotional feels. It’s making me forgive the rocky road we’ve been climbing. If the drama can continue focusing on these characters and their emotions, this latter half might make up for the inconsistencies and the mess of the first. It seems we’re in for some darkness as our brother of Princes will start picking sides and start the real Game of Thrones. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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