Thanks for joining us this week on the Scarlet Heart:Ryeo Drama Club.  Up until this point in the drama, we've seen a mostly friendly rivalry between the brother Princes but it's this week as the possibility of taking the throne becomes a reality that the princes' very true colors begin to emerge. Some princes rise to the occasions, some confirm our suspicions, and some princes infuriate us beyond belief. Join June, Tiara, and me (Logan) as we discuss the love and treachery seen in episodes 12 &13.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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Logan: The battle for the throne has become real this week saw the unfortunate timing in the king’s passing while the Crown Prince was away. I was feeling some strong anxiety at the thought of an intense battle between the brothers which has been delayed for now but seems inevitable. What did you ladies think of the series of betrayals in this week’s episodes?

June: The battle is on and I am ready for it! I want Wang So to rise and everyone else besides, Baek Ah, Crown Prince, Hae Soo, Jung, Eun, Woo Hee, can go away! I think it was about time for the tension to start because we have to get things going to be honest. I was not surprised that Wook threw Yo under the bus. He’s honestly very calculating and it’s all starting to unravel. I was especially not shocked when he asked Hae Soo about the King’s condition. I knew he was going to ask if he died!!

Tiara: I agree June. Wook is becoming very calculating in his journey to the throne. The scene he and Yeon Hwa sitting in his study was downright frightening and cold. He’s becoming a hard and somewhat bitter man. It’s sad to see him slowly turn into this. Yet on the other hand it’s interesting to see him try to be a hero but end up a villain. I’m really annoyed with Wook for being angry with Soo for not telling him if the King was dead. He hasn’t regain Soo’s trust after his rain walk away from her.

Logan: There’s no denying Wook’s gone done a dark path. I think I actually saw a hint of a smile when he asked if the king had died. And the fact that now he has a decent chance to be with Hae Soo if he wanted to, but he chose not to is very telling. You’ve got to hand it to Kang Ha Neul for his acting skill. He’s making Wook a believable creep. Poor Hae Soo. You think she would have realized what a coward he is at this point. I hated to see her cry over him.

June: I was especially annoyed by him being mad at Hae Soo because of So. Like dude, you were the one that left her to be tortured, almost killed, let Court Lady Oh get killed and so much more. He has no right to be mad at her, especially since Wang So has actually been trying to help out Hae Soo. I know it will only get worse from here on out. On the other hand, seeing Wang So cry broke. my. Heart. SO. MUCH!!!!!!! I was like how is this the person Hae Soo saw in her visions. Like he is obviously broken over stabbing his evil brother. My heart was breaking for him.

Tiara: Soo’s vision of So killing his brothers make me wonder what will cause this to come to past. He stab Yo and it about destroyed him. He not only hurt his brother, but possibly killed him. (We didn’t see a body which means he isn’t dead.) He’s been a loner for most of his life and finally was able to become part of his dysfunctional family. Yo may have tried to kill the Crown Prince, but he’s still family. I’m glad Soo was there for him and finally gave our 4th Prince the hug he’s been needing since episode 1.

Logan: I have so many negative emotions to direct toward Wook it’s exhausting. Lol. So, on the other hand, just keeps proving why he’s the right choice for Hae Soo. I can’t imagine him turning into that character from Hae Soo’s vision. I’m almost convinced that it’ll either be someone else doing what she had a vision of So doing or it will turn out not to be true at all, that’s what I’m hoping. It really showed that he’s not a monster at all by how torn up he was about “killing” his brother- I’ve seen a lot of comments from people saying they don’t think Yo is actually dead. Still, Soo didn’t even hesitate in comforting So and I was proud of her for that as well.

June: Yeah judging by the preview for next week, I don’t think Yo is dead and is going to come back and stir some things up! This week was definitely an emotional one! I literally can’t wait for next week to come already. I am literally always wanting for new episodes! I am so hooked on this drama, it’s not even funny. Soo comforting So was probably my favorite moment yet.

Tiara: Thank goodness Soo pretty much broke up with Wook. Is it wrong, I was jumping up and downing while clapping at this moment? I’m just hoping Soo will come to about her feelings for So because she has them. She trusted him completely to tell him the King was dead. Fingers cross the Crown Prince will allow So and Soo to marry. I want a wedding for these two … the sooner the better.

Logan: Tiara, I was jumping up and down and clapping too. Honestly, I even giggled a little when Wook was so devastated that Hae Soo left the palace. He did literally nothing to save her life or help her stay. I couldn’t help but feel like he deserved it. I’m happy that the Crown Prince is taking over the throne, because honestly he seems like the kindest and most logical one of the bunch. I’m hoping he’ll be a gracious king and I think he will let So and Soo marry. One window that hints at Soo’s feelings for So is the fact that the King told her not to tell anyone he was dying and she doesn’t even tell Wook but when she see’s So that is the first thing she tells him. She trusts his character more than she even realizes.

Tiara: Speaking of the King, I was actually pretty surprised the King knew she’s like the astronomer. It was an interesting talk about how Soo wanted to be as far away as possible and the King was like nope. You are suppose to do nothing but watch. If only we had rules on this time travel it would make more sense as to why she there and what her role in history is suppose to be.

Logan: I agree, Tiara, it showed unexpected insight on the king’s part. Although, it’s interesting how little time travel has played in the drama. I mean yeah, it helped her with knowing how to apply make-up but that’s about it except for what she thinks she remembers about history. I can’t imagine going through what Hae Soo has though. I mean she’s a modern woman, who has had to go back in time and be treated like a second class citizen when she’s used to speaking her mind. It’s sad to watch a little bit of her spirit die. I have to believe the spirit will come back, though.

June: I was interested when he brought that up! I was like how did he find this out!!! It was a little odd to me that he only did this after what happened to Court Lady Oh and her waiting all day protesting. I was also sad that she lost a little bit of her spirit but she has been subjected to some crazy stuff and I bet it’s hard not being able to speak her mind without getting in trouble for it.

Tiara: Soo has also been kicked out of the palace to do laundry for the last year. Talk about another culture shock. She probably works from dawn to dusk and it’s got to be physically exhausting. Soo’s leg clearly didn’t heal right due to all the hard work. She gets bullied by her co-workers. The girl needs some R&R. Plus, she slipped out without the Princes’ knowing where she was sent to. So spent his year off being an ambassador and when he comes home tells his father off for not keeping his promise about Soo. Another reason why I love 4th Prince.

Logan: It was also a little weird that he said Hae Soo was like a daughter to him. Ummm...did he forget he tried to marry her? Apart from all the other horrible things he did to her that you already mentioned, June. In addition to Soo trusting So I was also happy to see she trusted Baek Ah. Guys, I almost lost it when I thought he died at the end of episode 12. The 24 hours until I could watch episode 13 were pure torture!

June:I know!! I was like NOOOOO BAEK AHHHH!!! I was ready to fight Woo Hee if he ended up dying because I love Baek Ah. His little romance with Woo Hee is an interesting one. His dad killed her family and then she tried to kill his dad. What a relationship starter. Lol

Tiara: I knew it was a fake ending with Baek Ah being stab. There is no way any of the Princes would be dying this early in the game. Now that the King is dead, you can start being concerned about who’s going to live and die. As the King said, “now your battle is starting”

Logan: They’re so cute together. Baek Ah is super forgiving, but I’m glad for it. He understands that he dad wasn’t a saint. I also loved that Woo Hee and Soo became friends. It lets us know that she at least had someone on her side while she was working as a servant. I’m bummed for her that she has a limp now, though, from the torture. She needs out of the palace stat.

June: I was kind of bummed we didn’t get to see their friendship! I was like what is this time skip!! What did we miss!

Tiara: I really hate the editing choices the drama has made. Soo and Woo Hee becoming friends during the year would have been nice to see. As cute as our married couple is but all of Eun and Soon Duk scenes aren’t need for the narration and should be cut. The drama could use this time for more Soo’s POV. As Logan said above, she’s a modern woman who’s in a time where she’s treated like a slave. I just don’t feel like I know Soo as much as the drama is showing us of Wook and So. More alone time in Soo’s head would be nice to get to understand how much she’s changed from a 2016 woman to a Goryeo dynasty woman.

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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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