Hello Drama Clubbers and welcome to the final Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club post. It's been a very long ride and an extremely emotional one at that. We’ve seen our characters go through a lot and I know we are all going to miss watching our princes and Hae Soo. So welcome Tiara, Logan and I as we discuss the final episodes of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.

June: Well, this drama was definitely an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. I feel like i’m emotionally drained but also there’s a sense of emptiness. I already miss my princes and the “adventures” Hae Soo had. They were definitely not fun at time but I will miss it either way.

Tiara: Can we go on vacation now? I don’t know about you, but my heart needs a break for all the torment. We need to make sure to pick a nice and fun place to go on vacation. I’m tired of crying. I have to say the drama didn’t hit all the emotional and plotlines of the original, but I really like choices made for the ending. It was a good send off evening if we didn’t see our 4th Prince in present day.

Logan: This drama took us through the ringer for sure! The highs were high and the lows were low and I agree, Tiara, a vacation sounds nice right about now. I don’t think we’re alone in this feeling. I almost feel like anyone who went on this journey of watching Scarlet Heart from start to finish deserves a participation medal just for having to go through what we did. Haha.

Tiara: We all get gold stars …. Thanks Logan for my star \^o^/ Totally worth the pain and suffering to get it. On that note, I’m going to let my anger out for Wook. The moment he plain to separate Baek Ah and So by using Woo Hee and her people is the moment I really hoped he would’ve been sentenced to death. House arrest just wasn’t good enough for me at the time. Breaking this bond between brothers and making Woo Hee to make the ultimate sacrifice. Grr!!!

Logan: The rewards of watching this drama definitely outweighed the suffering. The more a drama can make you feel, the better the drama is in my opinion. I more of felt sorry for Wook-not in the sense that he deserved it but he just was such a sad character at the end. Woo Hee’s death was so tragic. I kept thinking that there had to be a different way things could have gone down. Why did Baek Ah have to suffer. He’s been the one blameless person in this whole drama.

June: Everytime they played that one sad OST song when someone died, I lost it. I was seriously so sad for Baek Ah at the end of this drama. He literally did nothing wrong throughout this whole time and for him to witness her death was heartbreaking. Baek Ah towards the end of this drama had been solidified as a favorite of mine. He was just so reasonable this whole time. Wook on the other hand started to annoy me, but I will say I felt so bad for him at the end of this drama. I was surprised to see he did eventually remarry and had children.

Tiara: June, the funeral song gets me too. I swear I’ll be listening to the OST and the song comes on and there goes the tears. Wook had a moment to redeem himself by the end of episode 19, but blew it completely. His confession to So about his relationship was not for the benefit for Soo, but once again for his sister. Wook’s whole problem in this drama was not saying no to his sister and he paid for it every time. However, I did soften towards him if that little daughter of his is really Baek Ah and Woo Hee’s child. I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense. It’s my headcanon and you can’t take it away from me. I’m still angry with him, but I forgive him. It really does seem like he learned from his mistakes towards the end of his life.

Logan: Soo wanted to leave the palace and whatever his intentions were, Wook helped make that possible. I believe what Soo said about the fact that he wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t know she wanted to leave. He hates So but he wouldn’t want Soo to suffer. I was so proud of Jung for the way he handled their marriage. He had permission and a decree all along to marry her, but waited until she said she wanted out. Even then he said they didn’t have to be more than friends and stayed by her side to take care of her. He suffered for her sake. How painful it would be to be married to someone that you love but know that they’ll never love you back in that way. Even crazier that he never resented her for not returning his feelings.

June: Yeah I was pretty impressed with Jung at the end and everything he did for Hae Soo. I was particularly impressed with how he went on to take care of Hae Soo’s daughter too. The scene when So meets her was so adorable, yet heartbreaking. He didn’t even know that she existed and then he lifted Jung’s punishment. I swear I was a sobbing mess during that scene.

Tiara: Yes, Wook helped allow Soo to leave the palace, but his confession was due to a late night visit from Yeon Hwa. I still won’t accept him taking any credit for Soo’s leaving the palace. As for Jung, he continues to frustrated me. He is the reason Soo died without seeing So. First, he knew So had someone watching and made sure he was a “caring and loving husband” not a friend. Second, he changed the envelope of Soo’s letters. Soo died still thinking So was still angry and hated her. However, Soo entrusted her daughter to Jung. This Jung protecting Soo’s daughter is the Jung I wished we saw throughout the drama. I guess I’m started to see the Jung you’ve been seeing, Logan. June, you were not the only one crying. I starting crying when I saw So standing in their spot and then I saw his his daughter. By the way, best adaption choice this drama picked. So may not be able to be her father, but Soo and his love for one another will live on in their daughter.

Logan: Jung honestly makes the perfect father for Hae Soo’s daughter because has demonstrated unconditional love and we know that So could never be the proper father to her while he’s the king. To be on the throne, he can’t keep safe the people he loves. I was not going to ever forgive So if he tried to take the child away from her father. Regardless of biology, I’m glad he recognized that Jung was her true father and knew she would be best off with him. Actually, even though he did let his daughter go, I’m still kind of salty at him for giving into Yeon Hwa- and before Hae Soo even left.

June: Yeah, Yeon Hwa was kind of like that pain in the neck that never went away. I’m not surprised either that So ever warmed up to her or her son. He had to protect the throne and that means against everyone, even his son. I mean we had just went through 20 episodes of sons trying to plot against each other and their father.

Tiara: Haha June, so true. Not including the second Queen, why did Yeon Hwa get to live so long? So being super suspicious of Yeon Hwa and their son isn’t surprising. After having a mother like his, I bet he sees the same evil plotting behind Yeon Hwa’s eyes. I was surprised about Yeon Hwa’s Mom wanting to put Wook’s son on the throne. Sure history states this happens, but man does this lady not learn how this could be a bad thing? Speaking of history, Astronomer Choi is now a Professor? How did he go from being homeless to Professor?

Logan: I’m glad that Wook’s son ends up on the throne instead of Yeon Hwa. She deserves less than nothing in life after all her betrayal. There are some things worth than death and becoming a person like Yeon Hwa is one of them. I forgot to mention how much I wanted to shake some sense into So when he got mad at Soo for her relationship with Wook. It was a long time ago firstly and then he told her it didn’t matter who she used to love. She tried to push him away during her relationship with Wook but he just wouldn’t stay away. Plus let’s remember So is married to TWO other women and sleeping with one of them so I don’t think he really has a leg to stand on here. Then again, maybe he just used being angry at her as an excuse to set her free since he obviously knew she wanted it. Maybe I’ll choose to believe that was his intention and it was all just an act. Seeing Soo go back to the future and running into Ji Mong there was a relief. We can at least dream of a happy future for her somewhere down the line. And as far as a professor- I think Ji Mong could be anything he wanted to. Haha. He’s pulled it off so far.

June: I was happy when Ji Mong showed up in the future and I honestly had no idea how they would transition into the future. But I was also confused how they made him into a professor when we first saw him as a homeless man. All I can say is wow he sure did make a transformation in that year. What I was sad about was the fact that we didn’t see a reunion between Hae Soo and So. I know he said he would find her but we never got to see that. I would love to see a second season of this drama or some sort of epilogue. I will admit when Hae Soo was crying at her realization that everything was real and of So, man I was also crying right along with her.

Tiara: Logan, you’re totally right about So being angry for her relationship with Wook. Soo told him she liked someone else and he told her as long as it isn’t Baek Ah, it doesn’t matter. Wook and Soo’s relationship may have been them promising marriage, but really they only ever held hands. If I remember things correctly, Ha Jin (Soo) spent a year in a coma after almost drowning and another year dreaming about Goryeo. Which means 2 years have passed. I guess Ji Mong from past to present could have happen to him. Some answers would’ve been nice, but the drama wasn’t ever going to explain the time traveling as it was all considered a dream or was it? So I guess the answer to the question of how this happen - wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Logan: I try not to set my hopes up for a second season of a drama because it rarely happens but they really set it up so it seems like it’s not only possible but almost as if they’ve already got it in the works. I’m still trying not to get too excited. But if any drama deserves a second season, it’s this one. If we get to see a future where our princes are alive again and all is well with the world, I’d have nothing more to wish for in this world.

June: Yeah as much as I would love a second season, I don’t think it’ll happen. So I guess it’s just up to me to figure out what happens after. I wish we could see all the princes alive and well and not fighting over the throne. It’s funny when I think of the beginning of the drama where everything is pretty ok and then bam we have everyone dying left and right.

Tiara: In the original, we do see our star-crossed lovers meet in present day. I’ve heard scenes were shot with present day So and Soo meeting each other and the ending scene was a lot longer. Yes, it’s disappointing to not have that small hope for our lovers to finally be in the same time and at the right time since timing was always there problem. However, Ji Mong said it best, “There is no such thing as coincidence. Things only return to their rightful place.” Our star crossed lovers are where they are suppose to be and finally have that happily ever after ending. I’ll be hoping and wishing for a second season to not just see my OTP, but I want to see the princes’. I want to go down memory lane during those happy times before blood and death became the theme. Can we make season two into a romantic comedy … pretty please with a cherry on top? I’ll be a very good KDrama fan - You hear that KDrama Gods.

Logan: Haha. Oh what a nice change a romantic comedy with these characters would be. It makes me think of their little happy moments. I’d love a whole season of that. I actually didn’t mind the way the ending was left so uncertain. I mean so much awful stuff has happened at this point that what we imagine for our characters is probably happier. Lol. I thought I was ready for Hae Soo’s death in the final episode. I was even anticipating it, thinking she’d be better off back in the future, but I was so devastated. I think it’d be easier for me to name brief moments in this drama when I haven’t been sobbing but Hae Soo’s death was the absolute worst for me. To see how crushed Jung, Baek Ah, and So all were. They all loved her so deeply in their own way and realized not only how much she had done for them but how it was because of them that she was so trapped for so long.

June: I agree so much! So for final thoughts on this drama, I honestly enjoyed this drama even though it took me on one hell of an emotional rollercoaster, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Even though this didn’t have a definite happy ending, I was okay with how it ended. I am definitely going to miss watching Hae Soo and So and even though I wish we had more happy moments, I can deal with what happened. Honestly, I can’t even process that the drama is over. I still want more Wang So and Hae Soo!!!! :((((((

Logan: I’m with you there, June! When I tell my friends and family how emotional this drama is they tell me that it sounds awful and I have to explain to them- no, it’s amazing! I may not even be sure of who my OTP was by the end of the drama and still have characters that I don’t know if I loved or hated, but it was worth it. As much as I wanted to slap the writers at some points-they knew what they were doing.

Tiara: I have a lot to want to say in my final thoughts. Sit tight ladies because here I go … The original drama is in my top 5 dramas of all time. It was a tab cheesy at times, but it was the enriched story which had me thinking about it for months after I finished it. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is very messy and unorganized. As an adaption of the original (book or drama), they took key moments in the story and tried to work a story around them which didn’t always land well narratively. I wished the drama would’ve spent more time with Soo. She’s our Alice in Wonderland and our guide to navigate the lay of the land. Not to mention, the point of the original story was always about the inter-personal relationships of the characters between brothers, sisters, family, and friends. The political conflicts should have been second to the personal ones. I believe if the drama was given 24 or 30 episodes these relationships and characters could have been fleshed out with more depth. I do wonder if I enjoyed the drama with all the mistakes and holes because of my love for the original. I also wonder if I was always headcanon relationships because I knew how they were suppose to be. Yet, the writers did make some good adaption choices. Soo being able to birth their child made me want to celebrate. It made the lack of farewell between So and Soo a little easier to bare. A part of Soo and their love will continue to go on evening after their death. With the end of the drama, I started to question why did the universe send Go Ha Jin to the past? What was she suppose to learn from her time there? Is this the universe or fate giving So and Soo a second chance with a happy ending? If we’re all about second chances, I’ll be sitting right here waiting to see Scarlet Heart: Season 2 and maybe we’ll get those answers.

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