Welcome Time Travelers to the first 4th Prince Fan Club meeting \^o^/. We’ve got lots to talk about today as 14th Prince is saved by Hae Soo, 4th Prince moved back into the palace, problems arises because of a poem, a Princess displays her power over the house, chance meeting the wise and kind ruler of the land, hey is that another time traveler, death comes for a visit, and our OTP have a few nice moments. So grab your time traveling devices or if you’re lucky caught a ride with the famous Doctor, as June, Logan, and I get this meeting into session.

June: Hello everyone and welcome to the 4th Prince Fan Club \^0^/. You all, I am totally head over heels for the 4th prince after this week. I just want to hold him and tell him he is loved. ;~; I’ve had so many feels after watching these episodes and I need more NOW!!

Tiara: I’m happy you could join the 4th Prince Fan Club, June ^-* I’ve been wanting to hug that puppy since the first episode. He’s totally misunderstood and this week we clearly see how everyone but Hae Soo is cautious with him. I knew she had a warm heart, and she’s melting the ice around our 4th Prince’s heart.

Logan: It’s crazy, considering how many quite eligible princes there are, how easy it is to join the 4th Prince Fan Club. I feel like there could be 300 more princes and it still wouldn’t even matter. For me, Wang So is the only one in my heart and I’m just waiting for Hae Soo to feel the same way. It’s killing me! Honestly, I’ll admit there’s some chemistry between her and Wang Sook, but I’m already over it. It’s time to move on. It’s too messy.

June: I love all the princes, except like the 3rd one, but the 4th holds my heart!! The problem I can’t get over is that the 8th was with Hae Soo’s cousin and it pained me to see her and know that she knows the 8th doesn’t love her. Like what a blow to Lady Hae but she was seriously so calm about everything. I was tearing up at the end of episode 5. I was like nooooooo she can’t go yet! I just couldn’t!

Tiara: It’s a sad relationship between 8th and Lady Hae. She loved him and he did his duty towards her. He may not have loved her, but he did care for her. It was still sad to see Lady Hae’s death so early into the drama. Sure, she was sick, but I thought it would be a little longer before she’d leave Hae Soo. I’m concerned for Hae Soo. We don’t know much about her family and in a world where family status matters, I’m a little uneasy.

Logan: I didn’t want Lady Hae today, but I wish if they were going to kill her they would have done so right away. Because now we’re at Episode 5 and the romantic feelings between Hae Soo and Wang Sook still haven’t been resolved. I want her to get over him as soon as possible. I like the way her relationship with Wang So is developing. He seems to feel relieved when she’s around, if only because he has someone to tease and I just know that she would love him in spite of his face. I mean, come on! Don’t most girls like scars anyway? And it’s Lee Joon Ki for crying out loud!!!

June: I KNOW RIGHT. I do like the 8th prince, I really do but the way this all went down was so sad. I also want the Hae Soo-8th Prince thing to resolve already. But hey, we still have other princes that we need to see what goes down and we also have that mean princess to deal with too. I was so angry with what happened with the hairpin and Chae Ryung!

Tiara: 8th Prince and Hae Soo did have to confront their feelings after 13th Prince snapped at her. She admitted to knowing his feelings but hoped things would resolve itself. No matter what Lady Hae asked of her mother-n-law to allow her cousin to marry 8th, I don’t see it coming true. I think there are some people who will have a say in any marriage Hae Soo will have. We’ve got 4th Prince turning from wolf to puppy, 10th Prince with an adorable crush, & 14th Prince willing to save his life saver if need be. Not to mention, she made a big impression with the King. ^.~

Logan: One of the downsides to having so many people like you, is that some people are going to hate you by default. The scene where Hae Soo stepped into save Wang Jung, the 14th prince, made me feel more affection towards both of them. It showed Hae Soo’s character and it also showed Wang Jung’s heart. Their sibling-like relationship is adorable. A sibling relationship I did not find so adorable was the awkward almost love triangle between the princess and the 3rd and 4th princes. They were fighting over which brother would be a better husband to their sister? Historical and cultural differences aside, I just could not open up my mind enough to not find that creepy. Lol.

June: Oh I know. I was like “........what is going on right now” during that scene but I mean it is what went on during that time but I will never get over that. I mean I think I will have to get over that soon but I really hope the 4th does not go after the princess. Please k-drama gods, let’s make that not happen. P L E A S E.

Tiara: 3rd Prince and Princess Yeon Hwa should get married. Like minds think alike and they deserve each other. She’s not making it any easier to like her character after the whipping scene nor the comment she made to 3rd Prince. She’s only after 4th because she’s want to train the animal to become a human. Not one likeable bone in that body. I don’t think Wang So will not be actively seeking out his half-sister. I think he’ll be forced to marry her in the end for political reasons. ~_~

Logan: I was sobbing during the whipping scene honestly. Hae Soo’s good heart was getting everyone in trouble and most of the princes, although they didn’t agree with it, just stand there doing nothing. I hate that. I was so glad that Wang So was the one to step in eventually. Now that he’s living in the palace, it’ll be interesting to see how he’s going to change. We’ve already seen him clean up a little bit and with the Crown Prince at his side, I anticipate some exciting political moves to come.

June: I was pretty annoyed that they all just stood there and watched and only objected after Wang So stopped Yeon Hwa. She was taking so much joy in punishing Chae Ryung and I swear I was about to jump through my screen! I hate that little smirk she always wears on her face!! Ugh but anyways, I hope some good changes come with Wang So staying at the palace with the Crown Prince.

Tiara: I’m not sure the other Princes could interfere as it’s Yeon Hwa right and duty to control the house. Wang So did the right thing, but he also apologized to his sister for his rude behavior. Man can 4th Prince enter a scene. I about swoon when he told everyone ‘she’s mine’. I do believe he has some work cut out for him to be able to say she’s yours and vice versa. ^.~

Logan: I so relate to Hae Soo, I would not be able to travel back in time and assimilate to the cultural expectations. In fact, she’s doing much better than I would. It would kill me to see someone innocent punished like that. I almost forget that Yeon Hwa is evil sometimes, because she has such a sweet and innocent smile. I even want her to find a loving husband, just one far far away from the castle. Speaking of husband, when Wang Eun, the 10th prince, thought Hae Soo was talking about marrying him, I was cracking up. He was so adorable!

June: The relationship between Wang Eun and Hae Soo is so adorable! When he was giving her all the toys. Lol I hope their friendship grows but I hope he doesn't get too crushed when she ends up with the other princes.

Tiara: I loved the look on Hae Soo’s face when he’s showing her all the toys he has and will share them. It’s a sweet and thoughtful of him, but Hae Soo in this time period isn’t the same age as Ha Jin and is way to old for those toys. I love how Wang Eun is misunderstanding Hae Soo’s reaction to him. Of course, she could come out and say something to him about his crush. I mean look how that’s going for her and Wang Wonk. However, let’s give it up for KDramas and Hae Soo’s junior high school teacher. Her shocked expression meeting King Taejo was priceless.

Logan: They do hint at Hae Soo being a different age, but they don’t specify how old she is, do they? I know that in the original she was 16, which is kind of crazy to think. But again, that’s another cultural difference. I was impressed at Hae Soo’s ability to recall those details. I’m scared to think what kind of stupid inaccurate fact I would try to recite if I met George Washington and that was only a couple of hundred years ago. I’m glad that the king likes Hae Soo as her time in Goryeo would be that much more difficult if he didn’t.

June: I know right! I'm glad I like history but I probably would blank out so much if I was in front of a historical figure and get myself in serious trouble. Lol

Tiara: In the original novel, the character was actually 14 years old and spent 20 years in the past. I’m curious to see how much time Hae Soo will spend in the Goryeo. Haha, I’m afraid my American History is sadly lacking if I went to the past. I’m not so sure I could adapt to the time period without being homesick for modern conveniences. The whole scene with the King questioning Hae Soo about why he’s a good and wise King makes me wonder if we’ll get more scenes between the two of them. He’s a King who doesn’t want flattery. Maybe she can help King Taejo enjoy life a bit because he’s got the serious expressions like 4th Prince.

Logan: Yeah, if I got sent back I’m sure I’d be burnt at the stake. I’d start talking about Kdramas and they would accuse me of being a witch right away. As comical as her run-in with the king was, Goryeo is just as dangerous of a place for Hae Soo. It’d be fun if the king used Hae Soo as an adviser just as he does the astronomer. The astronomer does recognize Hae Soo, right? Even though he claimed he didn’t recognize her he’s just messing with her, right? I wonder what he’s up to.

June: That's what I was wondering! It seemed like he did know her but he was keeping it under wraps or something. I am so curious on why he sent her back to this time! I wonder if she will be able to change some stuff. I mean it looks like she already is!

Tiara: Haha Hae Soo as an adviser would be comical. ^-* I’m not sure the Astronomer is lying about not knowing her. We don’t know how to portal between the present and past works. The Astronomer has been in the Goryeo period for years as the Princes’ were raised with his stories and teachings. Does the time portal work like Freaky Friday and the souls are switched in time? It would explain why he doesn’t know her. Or has the Astronomer not gone to the past yet in the present? Oh you, wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Logan: Lol. I just figured, he gave her that warning about being careful with a wink and then said the exact same phrase that the homeless version did back in present time. Wibbly Wobbly is right, time is not linear. Haha. I’m hoping the whole time jump thing adds more to the plot. It always makes things fun.

June: I agree! I do wonder what will happen in future episode! I feel like so much stuff is about to go down next week.

Tiara: Sure he winked and said some stuff his counterpart said, but maybe it was advice to a fellow time traveler to keep her alive. We’ve got 15 episodes and tons of time for them to find a secret corner to talk. I get the feeling she won’t be staying in Wang Wook’s home for much longer. She’s got to end up in the palace at some point and maybe she’ll get to the chance to have that talk with the Astronomer. If she ends up in the palace, she’ll need to stay away from the Wicked Queen of the West. I don’t think Queen Yoo is ever happy.

Logan: Oh, I get what you’re saying-that maybe Goryeo and present day aren’t the only two points of time between which he’s traveled. That makes sense actually as does his knowledge of future things. And yeah, as far as Queen Yoo goes, I wish Wang Soo would have just killed her. She’s up for worst mother of the century.

June: That Queen is seriously the worst! I cannot stand whenever she is on the screen. Especially the scenes with Wang So in it too. She is seriously so evil and I can't wait for her demise.

Tiara: I’m hoping for 4th Prince’s sake he stops trying to win her approval. He covered her mess of assassins by getting rid of them. This still wasn’t enough for Queen Yoo to be happy he saved her. Instead, she tells her son he’s a reminder of her failures. Not only is she the worst mother, but she a terrible human being. I also hope Wang Jung can get out from his mother’s skirt like his brother suggested. The incident with the forest could happen again because their mom is crazy. Thank goodness Hae Soo was there for the rescue, but she doesn’t get credit. Instead Queen Yoo only remembers her as the one who beat up on Wang Eun.

Logan: I wonder how Queen Yoo will react when she realizes that a few of the princes are falling for Hae Soo. The poem exchange between Wang Sook and Hae Soo started as a dangerous confession of feelings on Wang Sook’s part, but Hae Soo’s response took a comical turn.

Tiara: She probably won’t take kindly to a young thing with no family rank (that we know of yet) to having so many Princes’ on her side. Forget Math as the language everyone understands. Apparently, it’s been emojis along. All the Princes’ couldn’t figure out what the symbol meant, but Wang So. I love seeing him smile and the thought Hae Soo was able to make him smile without being there just made my fangirl heart squeal. \^o^/

The drama is really taking its time in setting up all the elements in the story and there aren’t a lot of payoffs this week. It makes sense as the drama is 20 episodes. It also seems the drama will hold onto how Time Travel works for a little longer. With two possible characters out of time, the drama better not hold back in explaining how this works. The drama doesn’t need to explain the mechanics why it’s bigger on the inside and not the outside but some explanation has to take place and hopefully soon. Hae Soo has to come to realize either going home is or isn’t possible and if it isn’t to ‘make the best you can out of it’.

Change is around the corner with the death of Hae Soo’s cousin. How will this affect 8th Prince’s household? It was Lady Hae’s marriage to 8th Prince which got the family back into the good graces of King Taejo. Not to mention, what will become of Hae Soo? As she’s mention in another episode, Goryeo is a time where family status matters. We know Hae Soo’s mom is dead, but what of her father? What is her status that allows her to be a lady at times and a servant at others? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Until next time, watch more dramas.

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