Welcome back to another session with the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club.  Things are getting complicated in the Goryeo dynasty and the relationships between Hae Soo and our princes continue to evolve. This week we saw the threat of a dangerous arranged marriage or two, newly discovered emotions and passions, and the ever-courageous Hae Soo realize that sometimes you can't wait for a prince to come in and save you- you have to save yourself! Join June, Tiara, and me as we break things down

June: I am so glad we got more Wang So this week, especially in episode 7! He’s so adorable and I love every time he’s on the screen. I vote for more and more So in the all the episodes! I loved the little birthday party Hae Soo had for Eun. I loved how she said he was her first friend. I really love their friendship!

Tiara: Anytime we have 4th Prince on screen is a delight. I’m enjoying the progress of Wang So and Hae Soo’s relationship. It’s two people comforting and being a shoulder to talk and cry on. It really is a wonderful friendship and it isn’t hard to see why So is slowly falling for Soo’s charms. The moment at the birthday party when he realizes it and he leaves is just sad. It makes me wonder if what the General said about Wang So’s true motives for being in the palace really are.

June: It made me wonder too! I really want to know his true intentions on going to the palace. When the 3rd Prince suggested Eun ask So to take off his mask, I was livid! I cannot stand that 3rd Prince at all and the way he treats the 4th Prince makes my blood boil. I cannot wait for the 4th to prove him wrong or something.

Logan: The 3rd prince is really deplorable. Just looking at him makes my skin crawl. I just can’t figure out why Eun would go along with it. I don’t buy that he’s that clueless. There’s a reason Wang So never takes off the mask. It’s interesting that no one seems to care how he got the scar. It’s kind of sad. Has it even come to their minds that something really awful must have happened to him? I think when Hae Soo sees his scars, she sees the painful memory behind them.

Tiara: Eun is old enough to know better what having a scar means. The scene would’ve played out better if Eun was still drunk and asked Wang So to take off the mask. But it’s one of the many flaws this drama is starting show. Not to mention, there are apparently extra scenes being added in some versions and really bad editing choices. As a viewer it's starting to annoying me because which cut is right and does those new scenes add anything to overall story and I’m missing out on them. The editing is another big mistake for the drama. Why did we miss out on Hae Soo and 13th Prince bonding over drinks and their grief? We get a flashback to explain their new found relationship. This was not a good choice narratively.

June: I strongly agree! When I found out there was alternate episodes basically, with extra scenes, I was like what the heck! I do feel like we are missing out on some stuff. I will be honest, episode 6 felt like there was a lot missing. Like right from the beginning, I was like I feel like we missed something somewhere. As a viewer, I’m pretty annoyed that we only got a flashback of the 13th prince and Hae Soo. I’m super curious why they are releasing different versions of the episodes. It doesn’t make sense to me!

Logan: You would think since this drama isn’t one that’s currently filming that they would have had time to perfect the editing and the story-telling. It does jump around a little, but honestly I’m so used to jumping around with a plotline that my mind just fills in the blanks. Still, it the supposed bonding that happened between Baek Ah and Hae Soo that we never got to see feels shallow. The last emotions he had expressed towards her with disgust and now suddenly she’s important to him?

Tiara: We also missed out on 4th Prince and 13th Prince bonding too. I mean I’m enjoying this new relationship, but when did it start? How did these two opposites become friendly? I know it’s live views are not great, but the whole point of pre-producing a drama is to tell a story. The drama isn’t a live shoot to fix things and clearly the drama thinks it should add and take scenes away hoping the viewers will take notice how good the drama is. The thing the fans are noticing is the mistakes. Stop trying to fix things and put together a good drama.

June: I agree. I really hope they start fixing these issues soon because like you said, the ratings aren’t that great and I would hate for this to go even worse. I will say I am a little tired of seeing Hae Soo with the same wide-eyed surprised look and her character is getting a little Mary Sue for me. I have read comments where viewers have called Hae Soo a character inserted to a fanfic where everyone is in love with her.

Logan: Haha. She does nail the doe-eye look, but I personally like her character so I get where the guys are coming from actually. She is courageous and kind in a time where no one else can say what they think or what they believe is right without fear of death and that would catch my eye if I lived back then and had a conscience. Unfortunately, Hae Soo has to pay the consequences for being a good person in Goryeo. Man, times were hard!

Tiara: The wide-eyed expression is pretty much my look if I was transported by in time without modern conveniences. I can’t fault the character for that. Hae Soo could be consider as a Mary Sue, but I look at her relationships with the princes as friendship. We’re just setting up these friendships because soon the Game of Thrones will start. This is the claim before the storm. It’s one of the main elements of the original story which is heartbreaking and sad to see these brothers and friendships be tested.

June: I really want to watch the original but I don’t want to compare the two, just yet! But I can see how it’s about to go down between these brothers though. We have an evil mother and her son who already tried to kill the Crown Prince and I’m so scared to see what else they have planned.

Logan: Hae Soo keeps bringing up how the one brother will kill the rest and I just am not ready for that nor will I ever be. The only one I can imagine doing such a thing is the nasty 3rd prince. I don’t think I could buy a character change like that in any of the others. Well, maybe if Hae Soo and Wang So got together Wang Wook would go crazy with jealousy and turn against everyone else. That I could buy.

Tiara: The drama is still world building as we are just introduce to the Grand General and his daughter Park Soon Deok as well as a common girl who is called “princess”. Plus, Hae Soo has to get use to her new role as a Court Lady. Which I don’t think Wang Wook’s plan of waiting will allow the King to release Hae Soo from her position. She gave herself a scar to prevent her marriage to the King. On a side note, I don’t think I can express my disgust for the King and his willingness for the marriage with Hae Soo.

June: Yeah, I was like what the heck! Though I was like :O when Hae Soon gave herself that scar! There was so much blood and it was crazy the measures she took to not get married to him. I will say she is lucky that they let her be a court lady because it could have been way worse for her. I am super intrigued by the “Princess” and Soon Deok.

Logan: The King acted like he had no choice in the matter once he found out that it was Hae Soo that was to be his bride, but come on - he’s the king! Imagine how disgusted his sons must have felt with him. Not only was he taking a young bride who didn’t want to be married, but it also happened to be someone they loved and cared for a great deal. If even Wang So and Wang Wook stepped in, he should have realized something was up. The two of them just stood there helplessly while Hae Soo was the one to save herself. That is a great example to women that you can’t always rely on your prince to save you.

Tiara: Soon Deok and her father are adorable. The bear she wouldn’t give to her dad was a cute scene. She’s totally crushing on our little Eun. I see Hae Soo and her becoming BFFs and a makeover scene in our future. As for our “Princess”, I can’t wait to see what her deal is and more bickering with 13th Prince. Speaking of future, Hae Soo had a moment of remember her history after cutting her wrist. Of course, the scene was so jarring it just seem like a moment of convenience for her brain to remember one of the Princes’ will take the throne and murder his brothers.

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