Another pair of glamorous Asian stars have married, and this time the wedding bells are ringing for Hong Kong singer-actor Kevin Cheng, who played the heartbroken 8th Prince in the famous time-travel romance Scarlet Heart. And you're not going to believe who he married!

Keven Cheng really made a lasting impression in Scarlet Heart, as the royal prince who was torn between two women he cared about. His love for the time-traveler, played by Cecilia Liu, eventually turned obsessive. (This memorable character was replayed by Kang Ha Neul in the Korean version, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.)

In real life, Keven has had a dating history but never married. He even disappointed his mother when he told her he didn't think he would ever marry. Now, the heart of the previously confirmed bachelor has finally been captured.

He has just married Grace Chan, with whom he's been dating for three years after meeting on the set of Blue Veins, a vampire romantic drama. It wasn't obvious at the start that they would end up at the alter because of their huge age gap: Kevin is 48, turning 49 on August 15, and Grace is 21 years younger.

The 27-year-old bride is an heiress who won Miss Hong Kong 2013 and Miss Chinese International 2014. Having debuted in Overachievers in 2014, she is now an actress and TV variety-show host. Interestingly, Kevin was born in the USA, while Grace immigrated to Canada at the age of 5. They would both find success, and ultimately true love, in Hong Kong.

Their fabulous wedding took place on August 12, at the luxury Bvlgari Resort Bali, in the famous Indonesian island of Bali.

The wedding was a blend of East and West. In the morning, Kevin picked up the bride by Chinese custom, followed with a tea ceremony and lunch. The elegant and solemn church ceremony took place after lunch. Aside from the traditional vows. the bride and groom also wrote additional personal vows, and Kevin revealed how Grace changed his mind about marriage.

“After knowing you for over a year, I desired to start a family with you, but the timing was not ripe then. I want to thank you – to thank you for being willing to marry me. May we continue with our lives hand in hand,” said Kevin. The bride also expressed her thanks to Kevin for loving and understanding her, and looked forward to starting a family together.

Congratulations to Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan!

BTW, the other real-life star couple, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu, who led the cast of Scarlet Heart, also got married in Bali. 13th Prince (Justin Yuan) married Zhang Xinyi, his co-star from Princess Jieyou and Through the Mystery, in 2016.

Someday, people will watch Scarlet Heart and realize the drama is also famous for real-life star couples!

We're extremely happy for 8th Prince to have finally found happiness.

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