Fans of the historical romance Scarlet Heart have long thought Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu fell in love during filming. Their dazzling chemistry kept viewers glued to the screen, and they gave fans a real-life happy ending when they confirmed their true romance. However, the stars recently revealed that they fell in love after the drama ended. Are fans wrong in noticing the undeniable chemistry between them? How and when did true love ignite between Nicky and Cecilia then?

When Nicky Wu accepted the role of Prince #4 in the now legendary Scarlet Heart in 2011. He did not know that the spectacular romance drama would lead to a new summit in his acting career and that he would meet the love of his life, actress Cecilia Liu (Liu Shishi). After announcing their romance in 2013, the two lovebirds registered their marriage in January 2015, and held their fabulous wedding in Bali in March 2016.

A surprise revelation was made by the couple during an interview right before their wedding.

According to Cecilia, they were both deeply immersed in their characters and the tangled love story, but they were sensible enough to tell themselves that they needed time to think it over. Nicky added, "We rarely contacted each other for about 2 years after the drama. When you get too involved with your character and the story, sometimes you don't realize if you are attractive to someone for real or because of the drama. So I preferred to keep our distance, to really understand the feelings."

That is definitely sense winning over sensibilities from the two glittering stars. 

Nicky was being particularly cautious because of his own experience. He was married once before, to Chinese actress Ma Yashu, from 2006 to 2009, after a long relationship. The split reportedly came about because of Ma's affairs. Ma remarried soon after the divorce, and Nicky has never publicly said anything negative about his ex-wife. At the time of the divorce, Nicky said it was time to let go and that he needed to find his own life.

The wait was worth it, because Nicky and Cecilia started dating eventually, and confirmed their romance in November 2013 with photo posted to Weibo from Nicky, saying, "We really cherish our hard-won feelings." 

What is the secret to their happy relationship?

They both agreed that it's to respect each other's work and whatever they have agreed to. If one person is busy with work, the other person will not interfere or interrupt. They give each other space and flexibility. 

On a casual note, it turns out that Nicky is the one who cooks. He used to eat simple things, even instant ramen. But, Cecilia loves whatever Nicky cooks, so he has taken charge of the kitchen. Cecilia said that Nicky really is a great cook. No matter how late she has to work, she would come home to join NIcky to eat together.

The charming couple sound like they've been married forever. Beyond the tumultuous love affairs on the screen, a lasting true love is actually about how the two will adjust and tolerate each other in forging a new life together. Ultimately, a peaceful life is probably the best happy ending to a dramatic romance. 

May you live happily ever after, Cecilia and Nicky!

~ NancyZdramaland

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