Actor Kim Nam Gil recently fell off a horse while filming a scene for his upcoming movie, Pirates. During the scene where he’s riding a horse, he fell off and injured his thigh causing bruising and minor injuries to other parts of his body.

The star is taking a few days off to rest and recover at home, and the films shooting schedule hasn’t been interrupted, so everything should be fine. If you remember I reported back when filming for Pirates first began Kim Nam Gil was hospitalized for dehydration and exhaustion due to not taking a break between the filming of K-Drama Shark and this upcoming movie.

Pirates is a film set in the Joseon era about a royal stamp that somehow gets swallowed up by a huge whale, and causes two groups of pirates to chase after it. It also stars Son Ye Jin and F(x) member Sulli. Pirates is set to be released in theaters next year.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE