Actress Kim Se Ah, most recently in Monster, is being sued for 100 million won ($84,000) for being a part of an alleged affair. The actress, who is well known for giving marriage advice on multiple programs, has been cited by the wife of the man involved as the reason behind her filing for divorce.

Actress Kim Se Ah, who has been married to cellist Kim Kyu Sik for seven years (and is the mother of two), is being accused of allegedly having been in an on-going affair with the vice president of an accounting firm. The wife of the vice president has recently come forward in order to file a lawsuit against the actress, and while the man's name has not yet been revealed, Kim Se Ah seems to be taking the brunt of the heat. 

Kim Se Ah has denied all claims of such an affair, but some sources have reported that the vice president allegedly gave Kim Se Ah a monthly allowance of 5 million won, an officetel apartment in Cheongdam-dong, and that the personal car driven by Kim Se Ah is also owned by the vice president's company.

While the investigation into the these accusations of infidelity are still being conducted, MBC has released a statement notifying the public that Kim Se Ah will no longer be participating in the filming of Monster.  However, they also went on to clarify that her absence is not due to the lawsuit but rather because they have already completed filming all the scenes that require her to be present.

All we can do now is wait and see what the investigation uncovers.