by Sara A. Layne: Dramafever recently started airing two dramas that star Kim Sun Ah (I Do I Do and Scent of A Woman) and I am really glad that they did since she is my favorite actress.  I first saw her in My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, which of course is on my top 5 list.  She’s my favorite because she reminded me of myself. She’s in her 30s, a bit quirky, taller than the other women around her and funny. Really really funny.  I heard that she lost a lot of weight to do this role and was interested in seeing how she was doing so when the first few episodes were subbed, I tuned in. Let me say this about the drama, wow. Be prepared for lots of tears, a few chuckles and sudden urge to do the tango. Listening to the OST makes me want to move to Paris and moonlight as a ballroom dancer. As a matter of fact my favorite song off of the OST is called The Dancer. I can still listen to it and imagine Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah practicing in their basement dance studio. You Are So Beautiful by Junsu is another favorite of mine on the drama (Junsu even makes a cameo). Another thing that I liked that wasn’t on the OST was the ringtones. I was able to find Yoon Jae’s ringtone pretty easily but it took some time to find Ji Wook’s so I hope you enjoy it.  I want to go into more detail about each song but as you can see, there are a lot of songs on this OST and I’m sure you’d rather watch the drama then hear me drone on about which song made me cry. Let me know how you like Scent of A Woman as well as the OST in the comments below or tweet me @couturekitty. Scent of A Woman OST Blue Bird 김하늘 (로티플 스카이) You Are So Beautiful - Junsu You and I - MBLAQ Bucket List - JK 김동욱 Better Tomorrow – She’z 화답 이영현 Una Notte Perfetta Edan Promise -Instrumental Blue Tango -Instrumental The Dancer -Instrumental Jalousie La Ventana 키다리 아저씨 Instrumental Pro Una Cabeza - Instrumental 연재 Theme - Instrumental Babu Babu - Instrumental 여인의 향기 - Instrumental You Are So Beautiful (Edit Ver.) 김준수 Extra: Yeon Jae’s Ringtone: Hawaiian Couple by Humming Urban Stereo Ji Wook’s Ringtone: Another Day by Buckshot Lefonque