Upcoming MBC series Scholar Who Walks the Night has had a whirlwind of casting rumors over the last month or so, but now the four leads have officially been confirmed as Lee Joon KiLee Yoo BiKim So Eun, and TVXQ's Changmin.

Just to recap, first we had rumors that Kim Soo Hyun or Park Hae Jin would play the titular vampire scholar, but Lee Joon Ki eventually took that role (I don't love vampire shows, but c'mon — his cheekbones were made for a vampire series). Then the female lead role was offered to Han Groo and Jin Se Yun, but they both backed out. When the producers announced that Kim So Eun was confirmed last week, everyone just kind of assumed that she was the female lead, the daughter of a disgraced nobleman who has to cross-dress to work in a book shop. As it turns out, that's not her role after all, and now Lee Yoo Bi is confirmed for the part. Whew! It's enough to give anyone whiplash!

So now that everyone's officially on board, here's where we stand with the series: Lee Joon Ki will play a mysterious vampire scholar. Pinocchio's Lee Yoo Bi landed her first leading role as the cross-dressing woman whose father is falsely accused of treason. Kim So Eun will be a noblewoman engaged to the Crown Prince, played by Changmin.

In addition to these roles, Jang Hee Jin will play a gisaeng. This character was originally the second female lead in the web comic on which this series was based, but now she is more of a supporting character (adding even more confusion to all of the casting news).

Last but not least, we have Lee Soo Hyuk playing the villain, a vampire who lives in the palace. Frankly, that might just be the most fitting casting of the whole bunch because he already played a vampire in Vampire Idol, and I'm not entirely convinced that he isn't a vampire in real life. (Actually, while Korea's on this whole vampire kick, can we cast him in a series about an actor who plays vampires on the screen but is actually a vampire in real life? We can call it Vampire Actor Who Walks the Night Eating Orange Marmalade and Drinking Blood.)

What do you this final lineup? Will you be watching? In the meantime, you can get your Lee Joon Ki fix with Two Weeks: