Jang Nara and Lee Jong Suk really did meet for the first time when Lee Jong Suk was just a kid—but it wasn't on the set of School 2013! The two actors met nine years ago on Truth Game, an SBS program where celebrities are presented with a group of "impostors" and have to determine who is telling the truth and who's a liar. In the episode on which the School 2013 stars met, Jang Nara had to figure out which of the impostors was a real model, and a 16-year-old Lee Jong Suk had to try to convince her he was telling the truth. Judging by the picture, she definitely finds him adorable! So this is what Lee Jong Suk really looked like in high school—pretty amazing to find him playing a high school student nine years later, right? How are you liking him in his role as a student?