Actor Kim Jong Hyun, who played one of the two class clowns in the hit school drama, School 2013 (not to be confused with SHINee's Kim Jong Hyun), was recently involved in a chase with a pickpocket. School 2013 It was reported that on April 8th, Kim Jong Hyun ran after a thief after a woman screamed out, "give me back my bag!" Although the actor managed to return the bag to the owner, the thief had gotten away. The story goes: a woman screams, Jong Hyun runs after the thief, the thief gets startled, drops the bag, and runs away. Kim Jong Hyun's management commented, "We just received a call from Kim Jong Hyun and heard the story. At first we were worried that Jong Hyun had gotten hurt, but he didn't have any injuries." They also said, "He is sad that he couldn't catch the thief." How would you thank this real life superhero?   (Source: