The official posters for the upcoming highly anticipated School 2015 have been released, and they feature Kim So Hyun, BtoB's Yook Sung Jae, and Nam Joo Hyuk at the sentimental crossroads of the age of 18, "the prettiest age."


Lee Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun), a student at Gangnam's top high school, suddenly and mysteriously wakes up with total amnesia. However, when she discovers she was once cruelly bullied, Eun Bi becomes determined to right the wrongs of her past by transforming herself into a popular and glamorous girl. But along the way, she begins to recover fragments of her memories that slowly reveal the insidious truths of Segang High School...


Like the other installments in the School series, School 2015 will focus on the idealism, angst, and romance surrounding coming of age in modern Korea. This poster depicting the two sides of Lee Eun Bi reads, “The other me that eighteen-year-old me has dreamed of.”

This poster depicting the friendship between the three main leads says, "It’s okay, because we’re eighteen.”


Based on the posters, trailers, and stills, it appears that the cast has great chemistry. The School 2015 film crew said, "The actors' liveliness always brings a harmonious atmosphere to the set. The actors are working hard by bringing their positive energy to distinguish School 2015 from its predecessors, and to bring forth more 'School' series in the future. Please look forward to it."

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