Secret Investigation Record Korean dramaCommonly referred to as Joseon X-Files, the tightly plotted, critically acclaimed Secret Investigation Record blends sci fi chills with historical thrills in this fantastic story. Kim Ji-Hoon, who had something of a breakthrough role with his smoldering turn in previous drama Stars Falling from the Sky, stars as a government investigator in 17th century Korea. Im Jung Eun (Swallow the Sun) and much-loved Kim Gab Soo (Cinderella's Sister) co-star. Based on real cases from Korean history, detailed in the Annals of Joseon History, this 12-episode cable drama pulled in unusually high ratings for its genre. Kim Hyung Do (played by Kim Ji Hoon), originally an ordinary inspector for the government, rises in the ranks due to his single-minded drive. Chosen for a secret organization within the government which investigates unexplained phenomena, he soon stumbles across a series of mysterious, supernatural events, and sets out to discover the truth behind them. In his quest, he is helped (and sometimes hindered) by Heo Yoon Yi (Im Jung Eun), a government employee whose enthusiastic belief in the supernatural stands in stark contrast to his own cool-headed logic. Wonderfully filmed and suspenseful, this drama skillfully weaves together mystery, drama, and a little romance in a heady concoction of science fiction and historical intrigue. Watch Secret Investigation Record online at DramaFever.