Not only does a hot bath after a long day get you clean and refreshed, it also helps you be more attractive to members of the opposite sex. This, according to Japanese researchers who announced results from a recent scientific study on the effects of bath-taking. Well, not really scientific, but you know what I mean.

The study was sponsored by BENE Cosmetics, a Japanese cosmetics company that makes shampoos and treatments (among other things) for women. BENE wrapped up their "Make Baths More Fun! Project" and released results from a research study involving 400 men and women between the ages of 25-35. It wasn't a research study actually, but more like a questionnaire. What they found out was that the people who took more baths were actually more successful and doing better in their workplaces and social lives than those that didn't. And because they were happier and more satisfied, they were more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

19.3% of respondents claimed they took baths every single day, while 66.0% said they just took showers most of the time. 62% of women said that it was too much trouble to take a bath and they couldn't be bothered, compared to only 38% of men. 46.5% of men said taking baths was fun, while 40% of women said the same. The ones who took more baths also claimed in general that they were doing well in life, and life was fun for them. The ones who didn't take baths seemed to be a little negative about things. Now what these results mean, or what the point of this study is besides promoting BENE bath products, I have no idea. But I gotta say, I'm all for taking hot baths. Your blood circulates better, you get warmed up and relaxed, and you feel refreshed and sleep better. So I agree with BENE Cosmetics' "Make Baths More Fun! Project."

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* Answers within red squares are for why subjects don't like baths