As Answer Me 1988 heads into its finale week, the husband guessing game has ramped up to a whole new level. Throughout the series, the writer/producer team has been dropping in all kinds of clues to make it impossible to tell for sure who the endgame will be. (Remember how they originally said there wouldn't be a husband guessing game this time around? Yeah, me too. Those liars!) As the series has risen in ratings, eagle-eyed Korean netizens have put their best sleuthing skills to the test to pick up any tiny clue they can. Here's the current scorecard between Junghwan and Taek with every clue they found — from the big to the small to the totally random!

Team Junghwan

1."Future husband's" personality — The first few times we saw "future husband," his grumpy, arguing demeanor screamed Junghwan instead of mild-mannered Taek. Future Deok Sun also hits her husband the same way she does Junghwan.

2. Fluffy hair — Similarly, future husband has fluffy hair that seems to match Junghwan's signature style more than Taek's.

3. Sun Woo heartbreak — As far as we know, only Jung Hwan knew about Deok Sun's crush on Sun Woo and her snowfall heartbreak. Of course, she could have told Taek about it any number of times in the following years.

4. The comics — Future husband loves comic books, and Junghwan is always the one reading comics. Taek's room is full of comic books as well, but we generally see him reading baduk books.

5. The jacket — This one's iffy. Some fans pointed out that future husband's jacket had what appeared to be an Air Force symbol on it, which would clearly indicate Junghwan.. After investigation, however, it appears to be a popular clothing brand rather than anything officially connected to the Air Force.

Team Taek

1.Smoking — We know that Taek smokes, as does future husband. As far as we know, Junghwan does not, though he could have picked it up from his mother.

2. Left handed — Taek sometimes uses his left hand to eat and drink, while Junghwan generally uses his right. Future husband drinks with his left.

3. Dating around — Future Deok Sun teases her husband about dating around before they married. Taek says that he tried going on many blind dates, while Junghwan says he doesn't have time for relationships. Then again, there are still 2 episodes left, so anything's possible!

4. Hates interviews — Deok Sun reveals that her husband feels uncomfortable doing interviews, which is something we already know about Taek. While I can't imagine Junghwan loving interviews either, at this point in the story, there's no real reason for him to participate in interviews or worry about whether his colleagues will judge his comic-reading habits.

5. Behavior in episode 18 — In most of the flashbacks, future husband seems very Junghwan-ish, but he was much milder in episode 18, and Deok Sun pats him like she often does Taek.

6. Hair part — I can't believe the level of detail some people notice, but apparently some people pick up on everything. Apparently, future husband parts his hair slightly on his left, just like Taek does in the most recent episode. Junghwan parts to his right.

Trolling clues

The chocolate — Sun Woo got the chocolate, and I'm pretty certain he isn't the husband.

The music festival — All of the friends attended the music festival together.

The photo — There's some disagreement on this one. Both potential husbands have a photo, so that evens out. Some people claim that in the future, they look at the date in the same place where the date was on Taek's photo, but it's not 100% clear, and Junghwan's photo also has a date on the bottom.

And there you have it! I'm sure there are other fan theories floating around out there, but this should cover most of the big ones. According to the scorecard, Taek is slightly in the lead after episode 18, but there are so many clues on either list that could go both ways that really, there's no guarantee of anything until we see the finale!

What are your predictions? Are you as ready to see the love triangle resolved as I am? (Team Deok Sun all the way! Just make a choice!) Share your thoughts in the comments, and catch up on episode 18 below!