We all know that Santa Claus has many talents, particularly eating billions of cookies and still maintaining a somewhat decent figure, but who knew he was this good at scuba diving? A group of South Korean divers recently dressed up like Santa Claus and took the plunge in the Coex Aquarium.

Surrounded by schools of sardines, the Santas had all kinds of fun, including swimming around with a unicycle. The dive was part of a promotional show called, "Sardines Feeding Show with Santa Claus," at the Seoul aquarium. The show also gives hope to anybody who might live under or near water and is worried about whether or not Santa will be able to get to their house. Check out the amazing pictures of the Santas' fun and crazy dive!

Santa making sure all these fishes have been good this year.

Group of Santas having fun and probably thinking about cookies.

The fish wish they could ride a unicycle like this.

Santa's new fish elves.

Hey sometimes even Santas gotta stretch!