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Last winter, Rain was caught seeing Kim Tae Hee while on military duty. A South Korean source reported that the two might have been seeing each other as often as once a week. He also broke another minor military rule requiring every soldier to wear patrol cap all the time while outside.

This time he broke another rule: Rain was caught with drinking with five other celebrity soldiers, including SE7EN and Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu. Korean soldiers are required by law to wear their uniforms and are not allowed to possess cell phones or drink alcohol unless granted special permission. South Korean news reported that after appearing at a concert commemorating the Korean War, six of them got drinks together around 10 p.m., and some of them went to an adult massage parlor after 3 a.m.

SE7EN and Sangchu were caught by SBS cameras as they exited the "adult massage parlor," cell phones in tow. After violently attempting to grab the camera, the two insisted that they only went there for a knee injury treatment.

Celebrity soldiers breaking rules have been a hot topic as of late, as upset citizens point out that they shouldn't be given special treatment over regular civilian soldiers. The Ministry of National Defense is currently investigating the situation.