se7en sangchu

Se7en and Sangchu have been sentenced to serve ten days in military jail. The two were recently caught on video not only leaving an adult massage parlor, but not wearing their required military uniforms while doing so. It’s also being said the two of them did not have permission to leave their dorms. The Ministry of Defense has also sentenced five other unnamed celebrities to four days of military jail because they happened to use their cell phones. Se7en and Sangchu earned their five extra days for not wearing their uniform and not having permission to leave; they weren’t charged for being at the massage parlor. Funnily enough, the Ministry said they first visited a Thai parlor and then a Chinese parlor, but because they were closed, they ended up at two other ones. Apparently the Ministry also believes they were really in search of just massages at the adult parlors. Ten days isn't so bad; at least they’ll have a great story to tell when they get out. Great conversation starters are always appreciated, especially ones like “When I was in military jail…” KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (source via