As though being a part of a girl group isn't enough already!  Han Sunhwa of Secret and A Young from Del Shabet are set to co-star in the upcoming drama Advertising Genius, Lee Tae Baek.  Sunhwa commented: “As it is my first time acting, I feel nervous, but I will give my all to learn. I find many similarities between the character and me, so I already feel very attached to Lee Soo Ra. I will show you that Han Sunhwa has potential.”  Taking a note from Sunhwa's nerves, A Young commented: “I am nervous as it is my first time acting, but I am learning a lot from my seniors. I am eager to show a new side of me. Please look forward my role.”  The girls better get past those nerves, as the series is set to premiere after School 2013 ends.  Looking forward to it.

Do you think these ladies can put aside their nerves to pull off some great performances?