Well, Secret Message Lovers, we’re back again. It’s been another week of texting, romancing, and learning to let go of the ghost from the past. Sometimes that's easier said than done. In these episodes, Haruka grew closer to Korean filmmaker Woo Hyun through their coincidental connection over Line (BTW — can we say product placement?) But each step they take towards each other, there is a step backwards because of old scars. Will our lovers learn how to open their hearts once more? Join Ajummah, Jazmine, and Marakeshsparrow as we discuss this star crossed budding romance!

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Marakeshsparrow: So...anyone else intrigued by the whole horror theme they had going on here? What a way to open up this week’s episodes! When Woo Hyun was on the street and saw his ex girlfriend standing with her back to him, all creepy-like, I knew something was wrong! I’m just glad it turned out to be a dream--would not want to meet a faceless person on the street at night in real life //shudders// The fact that Woo Hyun has forgotten her face means he’s ready to move on finally, right? I’m thinking this is directly linked to his connection with Haruka over the phone. He definitely seems more interested in her than his Ex at this point. What did you ladies think?

Ajummah: I was a bit freaked out by how the episodes started out. The ex-girlfriend with no eyes? Sheesh…. I am glad we got through that bit quickly. I agree that Woo Hyun has gotten more interested in Haruka then his ex. Who by the way, is a low down dirty…. sorry. But she truly was heartless. When he asked her why she was “sucking face” with that other guy and she just blew him off and called him junk food? No ma’am. I was ready to punch her in her pretty face. The tears were real during these episodes.

Jazmine: I’m a huge fan of Japanese horror movies so I got really excited with the whole horror theme going on and even though this isn’t anything close to a horror movie it still made me happy. And yeah, Woo hyun’s ex is definitely my least favorite person to be introduced in this drama so far. How could she do that to him and be so harsh? It was hard to watch.

Marakeshsparrow: My poor, poor T.O.P Oppa! (can I call him Oppa if he’s only a couple weeks older than me? Whatever, I’m going to stretch it, lol) I think his character is interesting. He’s the type who is hard to get close to, but once he gives his heart, he gives it 100%. I think he’s starting to get attached to Haruka as well. I just hope she won’t hurt him because of her own past scars. Whatever happened between her and Haru seems like it was fairly traumatic. And she seems a bit hesitant on getting closer to Woo Hyun (even if it’s just via Line messaging). He’s about ready to open his heart to her, but I get the sense she’s still on the fence. Whatever the case, I think she needs to move past her pain from whatever happened with Haru. It’s time for her to let go of the past as well!

Ajummah: I still think Haru died. Something about this week’s flashbacks are giving that feeling. Like some type of tragic bike riding accident. //shrugs// I guess we’ll just have to see. Also...where can I get that song that Woo Hyun sang to Haruka during the black out. I love when Seunghyun sings. And when he acts crazy. I couldn’t stop laughing at the arcade scene where he was bouncing all over the place and fighting with his hyung. I kept asking myself, is this what he’s really like?

Jazmine: Everything about these episodes were sooooo adorable. I wanted Tabi’s song too, I’m sure it’ll be on the OST. I love hearing his singing voice. I understand Haruka’s hesitance to open up to Woo Hyun. I think she still kinda seems them as strangers but Woo Hyun definitely sees them more as friends. Anyhoo~ the arcade scene was everything. I was laughing so hard, I love bingu Tabi and he is very abundant in this drama. I’m still laughing from the “call me oppa” text message scene. Hilarious.

Marakeshsparrow: YES! I feel like all the weird moments are little glimpses into the real bingu Choi Seung Hyun! I love that he’s infused bits of his own persona in this character. That arcade scene was great! One of the things I find interesting about this drama is the way it blends Korean and Japanese back and forth, not only the languages but also the culture. There were moments in these episodes that had a very anime-like feel. (o⌒.⌒o) Loves it!  I also loved that whole competitive moment with the claw machine. Woo Hyun was pretty insensitive (but also pretty hilarious); it shows that he’s a flawed person and I like that. It makes his character a bit more realistic. He did feel bad about what he’d done and wanted to make it up to Hyung, so he’s not totally insensitive. What was that DVD he gave him? Anyone know? Was that an old film that Hyung had made or something? He seemed pretty touched by the gesture. I’m glad they made up though. 

Ajummah: I cried right along with Woo Hyun and Hyung when they were apologizing to each other. How sweet was that? //sigh// Another thing that was sweet was the “date” Woo Hyun and Haruka went on. I know lots of fan girls (Self included) that would love to be in that situation. Holding hands and running through the streets of Tokyo? Yes, please. Eating skewered meat and drinking beer? Absolutely. That really seemed like the perfect date. However, Haruka had to throw a wrench in it when she slipped up and called Woo Hyun, Haru. The look of sadness on her face when she realized her mistake made me feel sorry for her. And also ask again, what in the world happened to Haru.

Jazmine: That date was sooo adorable. I liked the editing too. How they were together at some parts, and how Haruka disappeared when her mom called. I would have liked it a bit better if they talked on the phone, but I think that’ll ruin the sort of “text-only” thing the drama has got going on. Either way, I still wanna go on a date with T.O.P. Also yeah, I think Haru died. After that flashback of Haruka running away mad at Haru I definitely think there was some type of accident.

Marakeshsparrow: I agree--it seems like Haru died. That was the vibe I was getting. She’s experiencing similar emotions on her virtual date with Woo Hyun as she had when she was with Haru, so she unfortunately slips up. (By the way, this is the most intense back and forth texting I’ve even seen. They must be walking around staring at their phones, it’s the only way they’d be able to message each other so quickly! Kind of kills the romance when you imagine realistically, hahaha) I wonder if Haruka calling him 'Haru' will make Woo Hyun back away. I feel like he’s the type who might get scared off by something like that, he's possibly a bit insecure after his last relationship. I’m eager to see how drama handles that.

Something else I loved in these episodes: the budding romance between Amy and Jae Soo Oppa! They both clearly like each other, but they go about it so awkwardly! Haha. I love the scene in the elevator and how he took off his shirt to show off his muscles when she was scared--Again, what was with that scary scene in the karaoke room?? ( /)u(\ ) Anyhow, I’m hoping they get closer in the next episodes because they are too cute!

Ajummah: That elevator scene had me cracking up! Amy kept asking why he took his shirt off and that she wasn’t cold. LOL! I certainly didn’t mind watching him try to open the doors with his muscles rippling and I bet she didn’t mind either. Also, when she thought he and Haruka were going to go out on a date and she flipped out made me giggle. I enjoy the supporting cast in this drama a lot. I hope hyung and Mariko get together in the next few episodes. He’s completely head over heels for her. I’m not sure where this drama is going though. Will Haruka return to Japan? It seems like she’s making roots in Korea and Woo Hyun seems like he’s going to stay in Japan for a long while.

Jazmine: I really hope in the future I see a karaoke room in a horror film, that would make my day. I feel like this show’s antics are so all over the place, but the plot is really solid and it makes me love the show even more. The elevator scene was great. Amy is hilarious. And I totally ship her with Jae Soo. I also like how she didn’t do anything mean to Haruka or Jae Soo when she misunderstood about the date thing. I was like “yeahhhh I can still like her!” I don’t want Hyung and Mariko to get together. I feel like they will, but the chemistry isn’t there for me right now.

Marakeshsparrow: I feel like Hyung comes on a little strong when it comes to Mariko. I’m sorry that she likes Woo Hyun because he doesn’t see her in that way at all, but I’m not sure if I want her with Hyung either…  He does genuinely seem to care for her though, so I guess she could do worse. Still, I’m not totally sold on the chemistry either. I vote for more Amy and Jae Soo Oppa instead! 

As far as Haruka and Woo Hyun go, it doesn’t look good for them meeting any time soon. Maybe Woo Hyun will be going back to Korea. It looks like Haruka’s going to stay there in Seoul for a while. On another note--that meteor shower in the blackout episode was really beautiful! The whole guiding each other through the darkness and then experiencing that meteor shower together had a very cosmic feel to it. It makes me think these two people were meant to be connected. Why else would he have gotten the phone number of her deceased past love?

Ajummah:True. I enjoyed the meteor shower scene (and what type of drama would it be without a shower scene of some type, lol). It was beautiful, though I had to roll my eyes at how “blind” they were when the lights went out. I know they had to simulate not being able to see but I thought they took it overboard a bit. Well, at least it led to the beautiful song Woo Hyun sang to Haruka.

Marakeshsparrow: Amen! I won't ask many questions as long as I can get some more songs from T.O.P!

So there you have it, Secret Message Lovers. We’re at a crossroads. Will Woo Hyun let Haruka’s faux pas slide? Or will the fact that she called him the name of her past lover be a deal breaker for our prickly (and quirky) filmmaker? And what exactly happened to Haru? I guess we’ll have to wait another week to find out. But whatever the outcome, we’ll be here to discuss the feelz. See you next week! 

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