Welcome back Secret Message Lovers! This week we have the finale to our wonderful miniseries. It was too short if you ask me! The story came to a sweet conclusion, and our all of our love lines were wrapped up! Marakeshsparrow had some urgent business to attend to this week so it's just Jaz and Ajummah! Join us as we discuss this week's episodes of Secret Message!

Watch the finale:

Jazmine: Alright so we have the wonderful conclusion this week! A lot of storylines were wrapped up wonderfully and before we get to meet of Haruka and Woo Hyun I kinda wanna discuss some of the side stories because they were all dealt with this week. First up, Eoo Hyun’s Hyung and Mariko. What do you think about them getting together? Do you think Mariko really loved him or that he even really loved Mariko? Personally, I did not want them to end up together. Thoughts?

Ajummah: I wanted them to get together! lol. I guess I was a sap for their storyline. I think that Mariko only went to him because Woo Hyun showed zero interest in her. But then she really seemed like she was going to commit to him. *shoulder shrugs* Stranger love has come about, especially in dramas. What did you think about Amy and Jae Soo?

Jazmine: Ture, stranger love has come about before plenty of times! I don’t know I just thought that they would have been better as friends. Mariko was just not into him and now I feel like she really is only dating him cause he’s there. I also thought it was surprising how the teacher of the dance school told Woo Hyun that his hyung was her first love! Didn’t expect that connection. With Amy and Jae Soo however, I’m here for it!! I love them together and I hope they last a long time and they’re so adorable together.

Ajummah: YES! When Amy bit his lip and told him to take responsibility for making her feel this way, I started cracking up! Also who would have thought that the drunk hyung and the dance instructor where first loves. She just knew he was still thinking about her and he is totally in love with Mariko. He only called her name 11 times, lol.

Jazmine: 11 times, along with canned food! I thought that was so funny. Alright, time to get to down to what we’re all really here for. Haruka and Woo Hyun! So first, we finally out what happened to Haru. He was killed, I assuming it was by a drunk driver since Haruka doesn’t like drinking or drunk people. We also found out that Haruka blames herself partially for his death. I was kinda expecting something like this, and I know we discussed before...but it was still really sad to find out and it explains Haruka a bit more too as a character. We still never got to know about her phobia thing though.

Ajummah: I wanted to scream when Woo Hyun and Haruka were in the same room but didn’t notice/recognize each other. Why did it take 3 dag on epsiodes? Why??? I thought when Woo Hyun was viewing the video of Haruka doing her dancing (or whatever that was) he would have recognized her hand or something. Is that too much to ask writer-nims? Have each other meet up in a timely fashion???

Jazmine: OHMYGAWD I was literally screaming at the screen like c’mon I know he heard someone call Haruka by her name. Did he not put two-and-two together? I was really upset by the timing too. It took waaay too long and I was frustrated by the end. It was like Haruka was always one step too late. It was frustrating. Speaking of endings...I’m not gonna lie, the ending frustrated me. It was quite realistic, and I think that was the problem. I don’t watch dramas to get a glimpse of real life….okay sometimes I do but I really a super romantic scene with them when they finally met and I am just not satisfied.

Ajummah: Yeah...I actually liked the “normal” conversation between them. It was stupid and sappy and cute. This whole thing was cute. Granted I’m not really into cute but this was alright for me. Could we back up for a second so that I can do my happy dance? I KNEW HARU DIED!!! lol That is so ridiculous to be proud about but darn it! I called it! He got hit by a car after telling Haruka he liked her. I could see why she was running away from everything in the beginning. I’m still not sure about why cameras bother her though. Did I miss something?

Jazmine: Ahahaha you did call it. Now that I think about maybe her phobia stems from Haru dying. Right before then she yelled at him for not capturing the footage on his camera so somehow maybe that developed into a thing where she doesn’t like cameras? It seems far fetched but the writers didn’t give us much to go on.

Ajummah: I guess so. Well maybe now that she’s with Woo Hyun, she’ll get over it? Actually...is she with him? When the drama ended, they were just meeting. They said they like each other but does that make things official? I need more to go on! Maybe there will be a season two? The writers could have taking one of the episodes where they were just running around after each other, have them meet, and then move the relationship along so the viewers had some type of closer, lol. Now we are going to be left wondering for the rest of our lives.

That’s it lovers! Did you agree with how the drama ended? Should Woo Hyun and Haruka be together or remain as friends? We thank you for sticking with us through this drama and hope you continue watching Dramafever for all your drama needs! See you in the next drama club!

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