Guest blog by Yale (pictured above) And yes, he's an Asian guy:

If there's one thing I've learned from watching 27 minutes of Korean dramas, it's that Asian guys don't behave anything like their KDrama counterparts. So if you're looking to date that special oppa, the worst thing you can do is move into his dorm room while in drag, travel back in time, or switch bodies with his best friend's ghost. Instead, you should rely on the following tell tale signs of his interest and react accordingly.

1. He'll watch Flower Boy Ramen Shop on DramaFever with you. While lots of guys watch Korean dramas like Iris or Vampire Prosecutor, it takes a special type of guy to watch a drama about a ramen shop where only "flower boys" (pretty boys) work. Bonus points if he agrees to watch Boys Over Flowers.

2. He laughs at your terrible, terrible jokes. Let's face it. You're no Tig Notaro. But he indulges you anyway.

3. He'll start "showing up" at random places. Oh look, there is he at Julia's birthday party. There he is at Cindy's going away party. There is across the street. There he is following you home. There he is hiding underneath your bed with masking tape, wd-40 and peanut butter...

4. He starts doing the Gangnam Dance when you agree to get coffee with him.

5. He starts showing off his awesome, never-been-seen collection of vintage NBA jerseys/Signed golf balls/Pokemon cards/Anime drawings.


Oh and one last thing, don't ever believe anything an Asian guy, or any guy for that matter, says. Men have this habit of lying to get what they want. Some are better at it than others. In fact, Don Juan has a famous quote that goes "women are easy to seduce. Just tell an intelligent woman she is beautiful, and a beautiful woman she is intelligent." Instead, judge your potential oppa by his actions, not his words.