Stills for the upcoming spy movie Secretly, Greatly have finally been released! The poster itself mimicks the original webtoon that inspired the film. Kim Soo Hyun is dressed in the green track suit which is the character's signature uniform, as seen in the trailer for the movie. The stills also reveal Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo's characters, which we weren't able to see in the trailer.

Here's Kim Soo Hyun as the elite North Korean spy posing as a village idiot:




Kim Soo Hyun's character meets Lee Hyun Woo, the youngest elite spy of the trio, who is disguised as a high school student:



Park Ki Woong, the elite North Korean spy disguised as a wanna-be idol star, encounters Kim Soo Hyun:


The three take a moment to bond, shedding their identities:


The trio starts to get used to their life after years of infiltrating the small town and receiving no orders from their motherland. Then one day, the three receive an order to carry out a mission so that they can return home.

The movie premieres in June this year and has been creating quite a buzz because of its flower boy cast. Which flower boy spy will you be anxiously waiting to see?