Popular actor Lee Min Ho recently collaborated with famous Hong Kong-based Chow Tai Fook Jewellery to design an exclusive line of jewelry. However, the unique design hides a secret in plain sight. Can you see Lee Min Ho's initials and lucky number that are embedded into the 7-sided heptagon?

First of all, the heptagon's 7 sides have special meanings. As Lee Min Ho explained, "Each of the heptagon's sides has a special meaning: Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Ying, Yang, and human emotions." 

The second set of diagrams show that Lee Min Ho's initials L, M, and H are perfectly integrated into the central design of the heptagon.

His lucky number 7 is also hidden in the design as a secret lucky charm to "quietly protect your happiness and future," according to the explanation on Chow Tai Fook's official ad.

The unique design really looks pretty. So I did further research and found that you could order the jewelry from their online shop. However, they would only allow local (Hong Kong) pick up or delivery. I even contacted them to confirm. Chow Tai Fook is a renowned enterprise with a long history, but it seems it hasn't heard of UPS or FedEx delivery? 

I smell a business opportunity for an entrepreneur. I'm sure international Minoz fans are anxious to get their hands on some Lee Min Ho charms.

Wouldn't you want such a special piece of jewelry too?