K-pop group SECRET and their manager were traveling in a van on their way to Jamshil when they hit an icy patch and veered into a guard rail, causing the van to flip over. The band members were transported to a nearby hospital immediately. Band member Zinger came away with a bruised lung and fractured ribs—the worst injuries of any of those suffered by the band members in the crash. The rest sustained bruises and other minor injuries. The group was released from the hospital, and are now in recovery. So many musicians suffer tragic accidents while they're on the road. We're so glad that this accident wasn't as tragic as it could have been, and we wish Zinger and everyone a speedy recovery! SECRET released their single "Talk That" on December 4. Watch it here and think good thoughts for these talented ladies as they recover: Have some well-wishes for the band? Leave them in the comments below! (Source: www.enewsworld.mnet.com)