The proposed American adaptation of Boys Over Flowers, called Boys Before Friends, announced a new main cast member to fill the role made famous in the Korean version of the series by Kim Bum. Erik Thomas has stepped up to fill the role vacated by Napoleon Tavale, who left the series due to scheduling conflicts.

Thomas had already been cast in a smaller role, but was instead chosen to round out this version of the "F4," a group of powerful and wealthy students who rule the school. Chase, a character based on a role known as So Yi Jung in the Korean series, is described as "a famous singer with a player attitude." The role also calls for someone in good shape.

Casting is still open for "Jessica," an Valley Girl-accented enemy of the female lead, and "Jade," a "model turned lawyer with an amazing personality" who becomes friends with the female lead. According to the series' website, shooting is now scheduled to begin on November 7th. We first heard of the series here, the American adaptation's cast can be found here and here. Producers gave answers to fan questions here, and later issued this statement on the series.