Which is sweeter, Kim Soo Hyun or the honey dessert he is holding in his new ad? Take a look at the teaser photos showing him with a very sexy image.

Watch Kim Soo Hyun in My Love from Another Star:

According to the Korean news report, the female model is of Eurasian heritage and exudes mystique and beauty. The sweet chemistry between her and Kim Soo Hyun is hard to miss. There is definitely a connection between them in the way they shared a look and when Kim drizzled the honey from a spoon.

But, can you blame me if my eyes were more glued on Kim Soo Hyun?

No wonder he is one of the top 3 most memorable advertising stars in South Korea. Here is his really cute pudding kiss commercial subbed in English. I'm considering having my own pudding while watching him.

The new commercial is expected to arrive later in December. In the meantime, sweet dreams!