A trailer for Rain's new romantic Chinese drama Diamond Lover (克拉恋人) has finally been released, and it's a whopping 9 minutes long. Yay! 

The drama's looking good on all fronts. Even with the language barrier, I cracked up through the first 5 minutes. South Korean actor Rain and Chinese A-listers Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin, along with young model/actress Di Li Re Ba have it going on in the comedic relief department. Looks like there will be no end to the laughs.

The second half of the trailer changes the mood and gets to the serious stuff that makes TV dramas live up to that name. Angst, and betrayal. Denial, and acceptance. Love, and heartache. Hugging, and kissing.

See for yourself. 

Looks like all the hard work by the cast, the production crew, and Director Chen Ming Zhang is paying off, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. 

Diamond Lover screenwriter Li Jie (Lii小婕) posted the picture below on her Weibo account on April 2, along with happy words about her excitement over the way the drama has come together.

The gist of her post: Repeatedly watched it three times, too excited to work. I forced myself to escape from my screenwriter identity and simply looked from the audience’s perspective, drew an objective conclusion… great! Turned the story in my mind into a vibrant and true picture of my little heart… Thank you, director, actors, thank you, Boss, thank you to all the staff, my dream fulfilled, Diamond Lover…

That's a good sign, folks!

I'd love to be able to tell you the premiere date, the network, and confirm the number of episodes, but I can't. Those details still haven't been released, and I have to wonder, what's the deal? Is a bidding war going on? (Diamond Lover is the most-anticipated Chinese drama of 2015 right now, so networks fighting over it isn't far-fetched.) Or, the delay could be something as simple as a conflict in schedule — the time slot they want versus what's available. 

Or, they could be building as much suspense when it comes to the viewers as they possibly can (it's called strategy).

There's no telling. Something should be coming down the pike soon though, so stay tuned.

For those of you just now hearing about Diamond Lover, here's a brief synopsis by producer/global distributor DMG Entertainment:

"Rain ditches his nice guy image to play the role of a cold, overbearing, manipulative business executive, while the lovely Tang Yan plays a disfigured young woman who will undergo a “metamorphosis,” handsome Luo Jin takes on the role of an awkward obstetrician, and “girl next door” Di Li Re Ba is cast as a glamorous movie star. 

Like real diamonds, the show’s characters will be placed under intense pressure that will either transform them into diamonds or crush them. It’s this universal theme of brilliance through transformation that producers feel will resonate strongly with a variety of audiences."

While waiting for more developments in Diamond Lover news, you can catch up with Tiffany Tang in her Chinese romantic historical series Perfect Couple (2014) right here on DramaFever. And while you're at it, don't forget to check out Luo Jin in historical melodrama Beauties of the Emperor (2012). 

There be a whole lot of mega-star Rain to choose from here as well, so immerse yourself in his most recent Korean drama, My Lovable Girl, or one of his classics from back in the day.

See Rain and Gong Hyo Jin in the K-drama classic Sang Doo, Let's Go to School:

Keep your fingers crossed that Diamond Lover will hit TVs in China very soon. Maybe we should send up prayers to the TV drama gods just in case. 

It can't hurt!

Poster and images credit: As tagged / official Diamond Lover Weibo / Director Chen Ming Zhang

Trailer source: DMG Ent. / v.qq.com / Ady Hwang

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