We recently reported on the new Sailor Moon lingerie Peach John is producing, but sadly it sold out before it even hit the sale date. Luckily for you, one netizen decided to take selfies modeling the whole line.

For those girls (or guys) who don't feel fulfilled just wearing her costume, I have some good news... and bad news. Peach John, a lingerie company in Japan, has collaborated with the real Sailor Moon and produced a line of lingerie titled "Sailor Moon Transformation Bra Set"! Despite not having the set available in A-cup bras, they sold out instantly before they were even put on the market. The lucky ones able to purchase this limited edition lingerie waited by their phones to pre-order in December. If you just waited until the official sale date of February 19th, you' were out of luck.

And here's the bad news: This is hard for me to write this to all you Sailor Moon fans. Peach John, the lingerie company that produced the set, has no plans to produce or sell any more of these. Better get some magic markers and a set of white bra and panties and get to making your own set. "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

But at least we can enjoy selfies of one lucky customer who did manage to get them in time.

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