An Instagram post that was supposed to be all about being happy with herself took an unfortunate turn for Kim Go Eun, as followers and so-called fans bombarded her with mean and hurtful comments regarding her looks. 

Online bullying, and bullying in general, is a social issue that needs to be immediately addressed and dealt with. Before the internet, victims of verbal and physical harassment could at least temporarily find solace by removing themselves from the presence of any toxic people that were responsible for hurting them. But now, bullies don't have to be physically around you. They can do it from wherever they are, at any time they want. And even worse, they're able to hide behind their online personas and never reveal their real identities, all the while bullying someone who has done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Not only is it mean, it's cowardly.

This is exactly what just happened to Kim Go Eun. While enjoying a much-deserved little vacation, she posted a selfie relaxing in a hammock. And how dare she, she wasn't even wearing any makeup! Immediately, the haters came out of the woodwork, blasting her looks and calling her plain, ugly, and comparing her to a toad. This disgusting behavior and the many mean-spirited and ignorant comments obviously made their way to the 25-year-old actress herself, who instantly deleted the photo, then eventually her Instagram account. Who knows what she's feeling. Disappointment? Pain? 

Something like this happening so soon after Kim Yoo Jung was hospitalized for being bullied and shamed by online haters is a little concerning. Fans thinking that they can say whatever they want to celebrities, without any concern for their feelings as human beings, has always been a problem, and is today an even bigger problem then it ever was. Somehow, it has to be addressed.

Deleted from her Instagram:

What would you tell Kim Go Eun if you could send her a message? 


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