A clerk at a local Family Mart in Nagoya, Japan is gathering quite a following just by ringing customers up the only way he knows how. Someone posted a YouTube clip of the cashier doing his thing, and in two weeks it reached over 180,000 views.

If only we all had the same enthusiasm of the hottest Family Mart clerk in all of Japan, Kato San of Nagoya. When ringing up customers, he not only shouts out the item names and the prices, but gestures with his whole body, almost dancing as he accepts the customer's money and bags their purchases. Watching him, it's obvious why anyone would come here and shop instead of the boring 7-Eleven across the street. He's fun, he loves his job, and he still manages to be polite despite all his shouting and craziness.

Oh, the 180,000 views on YouTube as of now has grown to almost 1,600,000. You can hear the customers loving it.

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