We've heard a lot about Song Seung Hun's revealing role in his new movie Obsessed in which he and his co-star share very steamy scenes in their illicit love affair. The movie name in Korean is actually 'Human Addiction.' We have the intoxicating trailer. (Caution: Explicit scenes)

In Obsessed, Song Seung Hun plays a married military commander who has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder during the Vietnam War. When he meets a subordinate's beautiful wife (played by newcomer Lim Ji Yeon), a hopeless attraction develops between them and erupts into a forbidden love affair.

Song Seung Hun said that he is in his 30s and he wants to seek new challenges in acting, breaking out of a fixed image. Because he trusted his director, he did not feel burdened by nudity and sex scenes. Instead, since he previously only played a single man in beautiful romance stories, he was more concerned about successfully interpreting the role of a married man involved in an adulterous affair with a subordinate's wife. Once the movie was finished, Song felt it was the right choice for him to have taken on the challenging role in Obsessed.

Here's the steamy trailer. (Caution: Explicit scenes)

Miss Downton Abbey? Watch a talented young seamstress become a spy to help England fight the Nazis before WWII.

Audiences have been flocking to see Song Seung Hun in this drama about love and scandal. Directed by Kim Dae Woo (Forbidden Quest, The Servant, Untold Scandal), Song's first R-rated movie debuted to #1 at the local box office. Obsessed has become a blockbuster in Korea with over 1 million tickets sold within 10 days of its release in May.

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