Be careful! Just by looking at these photos you might end up covered in water. We have all been in water fights before, but none are quite like the ones during the Labor-Hiring Festival in Dongguan, China. The massive water battle is part of the Water Splashing Festival in the spring, during which hundreds of people gather for an an all-out water fight.

Many of the people participating in the Water Splashing Festival wear ponchos because they know they're going to get soaked by either water guns or just huge buckets of water. The festival is not just limited to huge amounts of water, it also has everything from food stands and street performances to a job market. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a job interview while getting a bucket of water dumped on their resume?

This guy chose to stop at a bad time. Hope he's not going to a wedding after this.

Not the cellphone! Come on.