Luxury is everywhere around us, no matter if you want to enjoy a wonderful holiday, a special meal, or a simple burger. The living proof is actually this incredible burger that is served in Las Vegas in a restaurant called Fleur de Lys--a burger that costs $5000. If you are curious to find out what makes this burger so expensive, then you should know that the ingredients are the first ones that make a difference between this burger and an ordinary one. It is made of Kobe beef, foie gras, black truffles, and a special sauce which also contains black truffles.

The burger also comes with delicious fries and with a bottle of Petrus. Another surprise is that each customer who orders such a burger receives a pair of Ichendorf Brunello sunglasses imported from Italy. The glasses are shipped to their houses in a couple of weeks after the feast.We do not know if such a burger worth $5000 but one thing is for sure: the owners of the restaurant usually sell somewhere around six Fleur Burgers per year and all the customers were extremely pleased by their meal.

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If you have a chance, then you should definitely try Fleur Burger at least once in a lifetime.

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