Vendors selling cold beer up and down aisles in the stands at American baseball stadiums are usually older gentlemen who, understandably, aren't very enthusiastic. Not the case in Japan.

In Japan, even though it depends on the individual ballparks, the vendors are mostly young, cute, and female. And with their enthusiastic, pleasant, and hard-working attitudes, by the end of the game, if you're a young, single male, you'll want to take your favorite vendor home to meet mom.

Walking up and down stairs for three hours non-stop and selling ice cold draft beer from a 25 pound tank on your back is a tough gig; it would be for anybody. But many young women in Japan want this job, and it's highly competitive, with strict rules of conduct. The more beer you sell, the more money you make. Here are a list of rules for the baseball beer girls:

1. Always smile. ALWAYS. This is important.

2. Always make eye contact.

3. Be approachable; be visible.

4. Keep an eye on how much beer is left, and when beer is finished, be ready to serve another.

4. Get repeat customers. Talk to them a little, get them to want to buy from you again. In other words... FLIRT!

5. When the home team hits a home run, give high fives to celebrating fans.

So there you have it. Now if any one of you is looking for a job as a beer vendor at a Major League ballpark, these rules of conduct might just come in handy.

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