A four-episode special drama, Looking For Dorothy is a tightly-written mystery stars Kim Young Ho (The Scarlet Letter) and Park Shi Eun (Empress Chun Chu) as two police officers on a desperate hunt for some missing children. Riveting and romantic, the drama follows the pair as they track down the evil in the heart of a community... Park Yong Su (played by Kim Young Ho) is the brilliant captain of a special kidnapping rescue squad. Raised by a distant father after his mother died, he is emotionally crippled, and professionally driven after losing his partner on a case. When children begin to mysteriously go missing, he and his squad are called in to investigate. Na Gyeong Ju (Park Shi Eun) is a police detective who has harbored feelings for Yong Su for a long time. She volunteers to join the rescue squad in order to get closer to him. Both Yong Su and Gyeong Ju find themselves challenged in ways they didn't expect, however, as they struggle to find and rescue the missing children amid an atmosphere of growing tension and fear. A missing 10-year-old girl named Lee Su Ah (Dorothy) becomes the heart of the case... Watch LOOKING FOR DOROTHY on DramaFever.