Ivan Hoo is an artist from Singapore who's bringing a whole new dimension of realism to the world of drawing. And the craziest part of his fantastic sketching skills is that Ivan Hoo is 100 percent self-taught. 

The artist talked about the way he honed his profound drawing skills: "I have always loved drawing ever since I was a child, but I never studied art and am completely self-taught. Then about four years ago I decided to further my knowledge in drawing techniques — in particular realism — and work full time as an artist.

Using still-life photos as inspiration, Ivan Hoo incorporates ink, pastels, and charcoal on wood panels to create his masterpieces. The subjects of his work tend to be everyday objects like Starbucks cups, cigarettes, dogs, and cracked eggs. 

The artist's work is so lifelike that when I first saw Hoo's drawings, I was convinced that he was a 3D artist. 

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