Greetings, fellow drama lovers ^-^ and welcome to a brand new installment in the DramaFever Drama Clubs. For your reading pleasure we shall be discussing  Sensory Couple, but not in the format you may be used to. We’re going to switch things up a bit and condense our usual two posts into one single post that surrounds a particular theme for that week. Enough details, let’s get right to it shall we? Particularly seeing as we’re already a week behind (>.<) So join Cici, Marakeshsparrow, and Firnlambe (your’s truly) as we go over episodes one and two and discuss which way the scales tip in favor of unrealistic or believable.

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Firnlambe: I’m not gonna lie, I’m suuuuper excited that I get to work on a drama that has Park Yoo Chun as a leading man. Since I worked on the Triangle (Jaejoong) Drama Club all I’d need is for Junsu to break his way off the stage and into the small screen and I’d have the ultimate JYJ trifecta of Kdrama recapping.

Cici: I have to say I was skeptical about this drama just because of the premise, but I LOVE Yoochun so I was willing to give it a try. I have been very pleasantly surprised so far. I even like Shin Se Kyung! And it’s as close as I can get to Jaejoong at the moment, so I’m just as excited about it as you are.

Marakeshsparrow: So does this mean we’re all JYJ fans? Hmmm . . . I wonder if this is going to end up biased? Haha. I’m joining in on the excitement here as well--love me some Yoo Chun. (And Jaejoong of course, but that’s another story.)

Cici: So what do you ladies think about the first two episodes? Did you have any trouble accepting the slightly weird premise of a girl who can see scents and a man who cannot feel pain or smell or taste anything at all?

Firnlambe: //cracks knuckles// Ok so first things first. I loved these two episodes. Their pacing was great, the acting was excellent and everything seems to be moving along at a decent clip . . . . . but I do have a few itty bitty plot points that I have issues with. I mean, overall it’s a Kdrama--so OBVIOUSLY you have to take things with a grain of salt )that you've conveniently plucked from the writer's artistic liberty storehouses)--but still! I can’t be the only one to find it strange that Cop Dad brought this girl home and expected her to not questions why he doesn’t have ANY family photos with her as a young child in them.

Marakeshsparrow: I was thrown off by the fact that Cop Dad adopted her at all. I guess he felt bad for her because of her “monstrous” blue eye? Well, that and the death of her parents . . . Anyhow, since I heard this was originally a web-toon I was expecting the weirdness, but the first two episodes surprised me--though I don’t really understand the mechanics of seeing smells, I’m surrendering myself to the story! Take me for a ride drama. It’s incredibly entertaining so far and I’m pretty much willing to buy all the strangeness.

Cici: I am always amused by the standard tropes that are inserted in kdramas (car accident and amnesia, I’m looking at you). But they kind of helped me accept the more unusual idea of eye color change and seeing that which can’t be seen. Did anyone else marvel at how quickly a girl who had been completely immobilized in a coma for six months was able to get up and get around?

Firnlambe: The thought crossed my mind, but to be honest I was more impressed by how realistic Cho Rim’s reaction to seeing scents for the first time was. I too would have freaked the eff out if I saw freaky black specks of DOOM floating around my head.

Marakeshsparrow: That was a great scene! Shin Se Kyung’s acting was right on the mark! And I thought the way they visualized the scents was pretty cool looking. BUT something I wonder about . . . Is Oh Cho Rim/Choi Eun Seol eventually able to control her scent-seeing ability? It seemed like the scents were coming from everything in that hospital scene when she first wakes up--after that she only sees what she wants to see . . . I guess it would be too distracting to show all the scents she sees for the whole drama?

Cici: I think it’s sort of like the selective hearing that parents develop around their kids, lol. It would drive you crazy to see every scent around. She must have learned how to control it. But it appears that she can also recall scents that aren’t immediately present and what they look like. Pretty handy in the investigative realm!

Firnlambe: It’s true. Ok since we’re on the topic of the Hospital--how the heck can the killer just waltz in there and take out a girl without any staff noticing. Seriously the staff there needs to go through some serious structural remodeling because not ONE person noticed--in a crazy busy ER mind you--that the girl had her throat slit. Which reminds me of another point that bugged me. How do you not recognize the person you starred in the face only mere minutes before? If you're planing on killing the sole witness I'd wanna make sure I didn't have the wrong girl.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I swear I really like this drama . . honest I do!!

Cici: Well, in defense of the hospital staff, I would have to remind you that the Eun Seol who was murdered in the hospital was just there for a minor wound, and she appeared to be sleeping. And the murderer saw the other Eun Seol A) in the dark and B) after she was hit by a car. He was obviously depending on the name tag he snatched from her uniform for identification purposes. It was just poor Moo Gak’s sister’s bad luck to be admitted to the same hospital at the same time.

Marakeshsparrow: This makes me think of something else. This mysterious doctor figure that Moo Gak bumps into right before he sees his sister is awfully suspicious--Doc was practically caught red handed, or at least that’s what it seems the drama wants us to believe. So let’s say he did do the dirty deed; later he runs into Oh Cho Rim and seems to recognize her from somewhere, almost like he realizes this is the Choi Eun Seol that got away. If he was able to recognize her after several years, how did he mistake another girl for her just a few days after she ran off? Either there’s some twist that hasn’t been fully explained yet, or I smell a loop hole!

Firnlambe: EXACTLY!!! That just doesn’t sit right with me as well . . . . ok I know we can pick and prod at each episode and find flaws all day so I’m going to take a hard right. Who else really enjoyed how natural Moo Gak’s reaction and tests where when he learned about Cho Rim’s secret ability?

Cici: I am really believing everything about Moo Gak. His reactions pretty much mirror what my own would have been, from the murder of his sister to meeting Oh Cho Rim and discovering her fantastic ability. But what really delighted me was how goofy he was able to be when he was helping her out with her comedy routine. When the director mentioned that “that police officer is a good actor”, I almost died!

Marakeshsparrow: I. AM. LOVING Yoo Chun’s comedic moments! He definitely has a natural knack for comedy, but I love how it works for his character as well. It’s interesting to see how he can be so deadpan and numb, and then suddenly turn on this insane outgoing persona--I think it shows that the old Moo Gak isn’t entirely gone, there’s still the possibility he can go back to feeling (both physically and emotionally.) On a side note--has anyone ever noticed how many Mickey Mouses they use in Yoo Chun’s dramas? I always get a kick out of looking for them. #NERD

Cici: Now that you mention it, that’s pretty funny. After watching him in Three Days and I Miss You, I had forgotten just how funny he could be. I was watching a clip of him singing Colors with Jaejoong, and the two of them cracked up so badly at the end that they almost couldn’t finish the song. Ah, the good old days. But I digress  . . . yes, I think this indicates the possibility that he will be able to recover his senses.

Firnlambe: I am getting a kick outta how many times he’s hit or slapped and shows no reaction. Particularly when the person hitting him (usually head detective--aka Vampire Prosecutor’s side kick) gets disappointed when he stays dead panned.

Marakeshsparrow: Since you brought up the detective, can we discuss this whole Barcode Killer plot line? I hadn’t actually read the web-toon, so wasn’t expecting that element to the story, but it’s really got me raising my eyebrows in intrigue! I love a good murder mystery. But I feel like they’re already setting up that doctor as the prime suspect . . . Knowing dramas there has to be a twist somewhere, or the mystery may get stale too soon.

Cici: I know the obvious suspect is the doctor, but I get a strange feeling from the chef. He is just too pleasant and his grief over his girlfriend’s death seemed a little contrived. I’m not convinced he’s as innocent as he seems. It’s always the ones you don’t suspect who end up being the serial killer. That, or the butler.

Firnlambe: Damn those pretty faces!! It’s always the pretty face!!

Marakeshsparrow: OMG! I’m definitely suspicious of the celeb chef--Kwon Jae Hee. Why would he have been SO covered in his girlfriend’s scent if she’d been missing for a while? And didn’t he just get back from America or something? What did he do, spray her signature perfume all over himself in grief?

Cici: Okay, so the plot thickens. Now, about Oh Cho Rim. She certainly is a cheerful sort for someone who can’t remember her past. Her interactions with her “dad” are so cute and natural--he must have done a great job making her feel at home. And she is so funny in the comedy troupe--the one thing I had the most trouble believing was that they might not want her!

Firnlambe: I really do hope they bring “dad” back. He’s such a great character, and it really does warm the heart that took her in as his own. Granted it was sort of a protected witness program moment but still! He could have pushed her off on someone else but he didn’t.

Marakeshsparrow: Dad will definitely be back! He’s connected to the whole murder storyline, so I’m sure he’ll end up having a fairly integral role to play. Going back to unrealistic things--I have to wonder how long scents linger around for Oh Cho Rim to see. At the end of the 2nd episode she sees that trail of perfume leading off the mountain side and down to the river. That accident happened the night before right? Would she still have been able to see it that many hours later? She must have some SUPER strong perfume. Though I guess to be fair, we are talking about seeing smells . . .

Cici: Police routinely use dogs to track people, and she was compared to a dog by Moo Gak. It would be unreasonable for a human to be able to smell perfume that long after the fact, but apparently her super power also involves heightened sensitivity.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m still going to take a guess and say that perfume must have been STANKEE!

Firnlambe: well . . . . at least the hints of romance between Moo Gak and Cho Rim has been totally believable. They aren’t falling head over heels for each other just yet, but there is obvious attraction between the two of them.

Marakeshsparrow: I think they definitely have good chemistry! It will be interesting to see who falls for who first because we know its inevitable. My guess is Mickey, //ehem// Yoo Chun, will be a tough nut to crack since he can’t feel.

Well readers, what’s your vote? Do you think there is more to Chef Jae Hee than meets the eye? Will this partnership between Moo Gak and Cho Rim truly be beneficial to both parties? Which way did your scales tip in regards to episodes one and two being unrealistic or believable? Be sure to let us know in the comments any theories you've got stored away for what's going on, we love hearing from you all. Plus who knows, maybe you've got a theory that's right on the money but no one has even fathomed it yet. See you all next week and don't forget to vote below.

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