Welcome back, Sensors, to the final week of Sensory Couple. And what a final week it was. Join Firnlambe, Marakeshsparrow, and me, Cici, as we debate which scenes ruled in the end: those that had us squeeing in delight, or those that threatened to dent our foreheads with the force of our facepalms.  

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Cici: Wow. What a finale. Did anyone else feel like they were prematurely running the tie-up monologues in episode 15? It was like they were giving us all the details of where all the side characters ended up, and it wasn’t even the end of the drama. I should have realized it was a trick.

Firnlambe: Honestly I was too distracted by all the damn fluff . . . so, soooo much FLUFF!!!

Marakeshsparrow: I have mixed feelings about these last episodes. I really enjoyed the fluff because, I mean--adorable Park Yoo Chun. BUT I’m feeling very unsatisfied by Murder Chef’s ending. I feel like we never got a real explanation about his motivations and his past. I was really rooting for more insight. But, nope. None.

Cici: I’m with you on the fluff, because it was completely adorable. Totally squee-worthy. Aside from that, it was also in keeping with the characters and the way they’ve been developed. But Murder Chef--yeah, there’s a lot that went unexplained. Maybe that’s the mark of a great character, though--you’re never quite satisfied with what you know, and you’re never quite ready to let them go. At least he remained consistent to the very end--always scheming, always smirking, always with one last trick up his sleeve.


Firnlambe: I for one could care less about Murder Chef’s background . . . I know I said I liked his non-Murder Chef persona, but in the long scheme of things it really didn’t matter to me. What I totally couldn’t understand was his escape. Sorry that’s a slight lie, what I REALLY couldn’t understand was the fact that they GAVE UP SEARCHING after a measly five--count them FIVE days. щ(ºДºщ) Seriously just why? This was a serial killer that they’ve been searching for, for years! And when he and 3 other cops mysteriously goes missing they simply chalk it up to “Oh, well, we couldn’t find the bodies . . . so obviously a Joseon Black Magic spell had been placed on them and they’ve simply vanished---nothing else we can do here folks, return to your normal lives” //epic facepalm//


Marakeshsparrow: That ol’ Joseon Black Magic . . . clearly the only explanation. Haha. I don’t know, as much as I hate to admit it, I feel like they spent too much time on the fluff (GASP! WHAT?) and didn’t do enough tying-up ends. I also felt like Cho Rim’s seeing of scents and Moo Gak’s not feeling things kind of petered out. I know we got to see them solve another random crime so we know she still has her powerful “nose” and Moo Gak suddenly started getting full when he ate, but I guess I just wanted more. When Cho Rim got back her memories it felt sudden and kind of forced and I wanted something a bit more dramatic for Moo Gak getting his senses back. I dunno. Maybe I’m just taking my disappointment that the show is over out on the poor writers.

Cici: There were several facepalm moments for me, as well. The biggest one was when Cho Rim recognized Murder Chef’s “scent” just as he was entering the bride’s room. Why didn’t she scream? Or knock him over as she ran out? She had the momentary advantage, and all she could do was stare like a deer in the headlights. I get that she was shocked, but after her nightmare, she should have at least suspected that he was going to show up again.

Firnlambe: Dude that nightmare . . . it totally had me fooled until she woke up. I was fully convinced Murder Chef suddenly had an evil twin. Within that 30 seconds my brain totally went off sanity cliff with all these new possibilities. They all made sense too, an evil twin would explain why he was able to seemingly be in two places at once (‘cuz he WAS in jail at this point). Granted that was obviously not the case lol but my brain, being so pushed into overdrive as it was, didn’t even give me a chance to be logical about the situation.

Cici: I’m beginning to suspect that you could have done an admirable job writing the end of this series. Evil twin would have been awesome, and I don’t recall that being an over-used Kdrama trope, either. (Amnesia, I’m looking at you.) BUT I have to admit that I was not particularly shocked at the fact that Murder Chef did manage to escape, because we all know that he’s a master plotter who always seems to have luck on his side.


Cici: How much he was actually responsible for the accident that set him free we may never know, but I’d be willing to bet that he did something to distract the driver and guards and get that car off the bridge and into the river. He’d probably been practicing holding his breath for months just in case such an opportunity should arise, lol.

Marakeshsparrow: I have so many questions about Murder Chef still! I’m haunted by uncertainty! I would have loved to see a part of his escape, or at least the accident. And I still really don’t understand why he killed Cho Rim’s parents! It seems like he killed people he was close to, so . . . why a random couple on Jeju Island? Eh. I guess I have to let my Murder Chef frustration go. A part of me was wondering if he would somehow pull a Jason Vorhees and survive falling off the roof and pop up again! Haha. I was actually kind of hoping for some other twist. But I guess even a wicked evil genius can’t survive a fall like that.


Cici: So about that final fight scene . . that was another major facepalm moment for me. WHY did Moo Gak step back from Murder Chef once he was down? Couldn’t he have just put handcuffs on him at that crucial moment? What kind of police officer lets Murder Chef grab a handful of dirt to throw in his eyes??? The only satisfying part of that scene was the fact that it was Murder Chef who went over the edge.

Firnlambe: eeeeeh I’m willing to cut Moo Gak a little bit of slack. Teeeechnically he was no longer an officer, and he was totally being driven by his emotions--not logic.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m willing to cut these episodes a lot of slack because those proposal fantasies Moo Gak had were AMAZING. I was dying with laughter, especially the one where he sings that awesomely cheesy song to her. Too good.

Cici: My jaw dropped when he started singing Dahaengida. It actually used to be one of my favorite songs, as well as one that’s voted a favorite for karaoke confessions, lol. But the way he sang it . . .cheese overload!

Marakeshsparrow: And though I facepalmed a bit when he hid the ring in the sand, I was cracking up while he played around digging for it and Cho Rim had no idea what was going on. Yoo Chun is hilarious. I’m glad he got to go back to doing comedy in this drama, he’s really good at it.

Firnlambe: Good grief I just about died from second-hand embarrassment during his daydreams. That being said, his actual proposal was fluff-tastic and just perfect. And then to top it all off Cho Rim had the ring the entire time! I about died from a fluff-attack.

Marakeshsparrow: They really went for the cute vibe in this drama rather than the high romance. I’m not complaining--I liked how sweet their relationship was and how funny they were together when they played around. But they reeeeeallly put the pedal to the medal with the fluff factor in the last eps. I do think the very last moment of the last episode was satisfying, despite my complaints about other story elements. I like that they set up that Cho Rim and Moo Gak will continue solving crimes together, since that seems like what they do best. I just hope they do some comedy on the side as well. Detectives that moonlight as a gag duo? I smell a sequel!


Firnlambe: Honestly I was really--REALLY hoping they would flash forward to them with adorable babies lol

Cici: I really love how they ended this drama. It is the perfect set-up for a sequel, but I wouldn’t be too disappointed if that never happens. As it is, I can just keep on dreaming up convoluted crime scenes with Moo Gak and Cho Rim continuing on forever as the perfectly adorable crime-solving duo. And the squee-worthy moments will just keep coming, all in my imagination.

O.K. Sensors--what did you think of these last two episodes? Did you love them? Hate them? Or were you one of the few hoping for more explanations to the questions Murder Chef left behind? Let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to vote whether it was Squee or Facepalm that tipped your emotions scale in the poll below. 

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