Welcome back to the second discussion of  Sensory Couple! Episodes three and four kept us either on the edge of our seats, or falling off of them, as grisly murders alternated with hilarious comedy routines. And so light continues to struggle against dark. Join Marakeshsparrow, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we discuss yet another area of contrast that is making this drama one we can’t wait to talk about.  

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Cici: I am so thankful for the light moments in this drama. I normally am not a fan of scary stuff, although I do find a good murder mystery intriguing. But the dark side of human nature scares me. Dr. Chun is just scary! So Moo Gak’s hilarious antics help bring a balance to this drama.

Firnlambe: Oh my gosh . . . when Moo Gak was practicing in the interrogation room I had to pause the episode I was laughing so hard.

Marakeshsparrow: That is easily one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever watched in a Kdrama. Especially when he pulls out the bald cap and keeps going. HAHAHAHA! I wonder what Lieutenant Yeom thought when she saw that. The CHE sound is killing me. 

Cici: Even the outtake at the end of the episode was hilarious. She could hardly continue acting after that scene. Apparently Moo Gak is also side-splitting when he performs for the troupe’s director. He laughed for the first time ever. I just wish we could have seen what Moo Gak did that was so funny!

Firnlambe: I reeeeeeee //gasp/// eeeeeeeeally hope they keep giving us things at the end of the episode, like the outtakes. They make you feel so much better about what you’ve just watched if you get to see how much fun the actors and crew all had while making it. Another thing I really liked about Moo Gak is his ability to tease and have fun with Cho Rim.

Cici: Definitely. And he almost keeps a straight face while doing it!

Marakeshsparrow: They have a lot of cute moments when they eat together--I was in pain when she ended up eating that mountain of wasabi she’d tried to give to him, but it was still fun seeing how they can play around. That leads me to an interesting moment though: when they were at the BBQ place and her contact fell out. A) That little kid was overreacting just a bit. AND RUDE. So she has one green eye, is it really that terrifying? 

Marakeshsparrow: However B) it lead to a nice moment between Cho Rim and Moo Gak. They’re starting to open up to each other about their pasts--do I smell (sorry, see) the beginning of love???

Firnlambe: I think so . . . and it’s not solely between Cho Rim and Moo Gak. I think dear o’l Chef is going to start some serious crushing on her as well. Which I am looking forward to, if I have to be honest. I think Chef’s feelings will be the push Moo Gak really needs to start moving forward with his feelings.

Cici: About Chef--was anyone else creeped out at how his little dog kept trying to get into the cellar? I’m not sure what’s so enticing down there, but I sure have a bad feeling about it. Maybe Doctor Chun isn’t the one we need to worry about. If that’s the case, no good thing will come from Chef having a crush on Cho Rim.

Marakeshsparrow: YESSS! I’m totally getting a creeper vibe from Mr. Chef. He seems a little too even-tempered and “innocent”. Also, why was he burning his murdered girlfriend’s clothes in a pit? That’s not suspicious at all. (On a side note: Moongchi the dog is ADORABLE).

Firnlambe: I get the vibe that Mr. Chef has a twisted past with Mr. Murder Doctor as well . . . but I think it's something that isn’t super involved with the barcode murders, but there is definitely something off about him. Though not gonna lie, when he starts crushing hardcore on Cho Rim (and he will) I will look forward to seeing him turn on Dr. Chun.

Cici: So about those Barcode Murders. The last one wasn’t actually performed by the same person who has been doing all the others. At first I thought it was just a copycat murder, but then Detective Ki said that the details regarding the barcode hadn’t been released to the public. I thought it was pretty quick of Moo Gak to figure out who the actual murderer was--with Cho Rim’s help, of course!

Firnlambe: You have no idea how sad I was when it turned out to be that cop. He was the nice one damnit!! Why did it have to be the nice one?! WAE WAAAEE!!!

Marakeshsparrow: Never trust the quiet nice ones with a niece to take care of. I have to say, I’m a sucker for the whole murder of the week kind of thing. I’m hoping they have a few more side stories along the way. Unless there’s a big twist with the Barcode Killer storyline, I’m afraid it will get stale too fast.

Cici: I’ve been a little worried about that too, just because the lieutenant mentioned that there has always been a one-year interval between murders. Unless we get a time-skip, the murderer will have to change their MO to keep things interesting.

Firnlambe: Well Mr. Murder Doctor has already attempted to sneak up on Cho Rim. I don’t think they’ll have too much of an issue keeping things “fresh” for us. I do have the feeling that memories will start surfacing for Cho Rim soon, which will be sure to help keep things moving.

Marakeshsparrow: That is definitely something I’m looking forward to! And I can’t wait to see what Moo Gak’s reaction is when he finds out Cho Rim is really Eun Seol. Ahhhh! Will he be furious? Or will that be something else that pushes him into falling head over heels? //gets starry eyed//

Firnlambe: My won is on him being furious . . . BUT it will only last for 1 episode MAX. He’s going to have to save her so he can’t stay mad at her for too long. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one to go “D’awwww” when Cho Rim and Moo Gak’s gurneys passed by each other in the hospital? THEY ARE FATED TO BE IN LOVE FOREVER!!! //ahem// I mean aww look at how fate has been with them since the beginning . . . yes . . . that is what I meant (¬,¬”)

Cici: I was so tickled when Cho Rim walked in on Moo Gak talking to Lieutenant Yeom at the restaurant. She was so jealous! She must already think of that place as “their” place, and Moo Gak as her man. So, do you think Lieutenant Yeom will develop feelings for him, too? Love square, love square!

Marakeshsparrow: That’s something I’m wondering about. At first I thought she just saw him as an interesting young officer making his way up the ranks, but I’m starting to think this is more than just a sunbae-hoobae relationship for her. Maybe seeing him in a bald cap was too much for her to resist?

Firnlambe: God I hope not . . . I don’t wanna deal with a love square. The love triangle (hehehe..Triangle) will be difficult enough as is.

Cici: Firnlambe, stop. Do not keep reminding me of Jaejoong. We still have twenty months, two weeks and five days till he returns. Not that I’m counting… Okay, back to the drama! So what do you think? Did the light outweigh the dark in these two episodes, or vice versa?

Firnlambe: For the time being the Light side is winning. The darkness is only brooding down in Mr. Chef’s basement waiting for Moongchi to bust the door down.

Marakeshsparrow: I have a creeping suspicion that this drama is going to take a really dark turn in the second half. I’m hoping we’ll keep getting bits of the comedy duo to “lighten” it up though. //dying of pun overdose// 

So, drama fans, are you loving Moo Gak's and Cho Rin's comedic scenes as much as we are? What are your feelings about Dr. Chun and Chef Kwon? Have any of the darker scenes succeeded in creeping you out? Which theme has tipped the scale in their favor--light or dark? Be sure to vote below, and share your ideas in the comments as well!

Sensory Couple: Light vs. Dark


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